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    • 12 years 6 months ago
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    I can remember when Tales From The Crypt was new on HBO years ago and my grandpa told me about it and we all watched the first episode together and I loved it! Now with the DVD seasons starting to come out I wonder if after they're all released if they'll put out some huge box set with all the seasons in it. They have done that with Friends and Buffy The Vampire Slayer and they even added an extra disc to Buffy. I have bought the first season to Tales From The Crypt but I might wait on the rest until they're all released and if there's no box set then I might go ahead and start buying them then. These days I try to wait on DVDs and buy whenever it's box sets, ultimate editions, 2-3 disc sets, or more. Who else hates re-releases besides me?
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      seasons are usually boxed sets. the sucker dvds are the 2-3 episode dvds that come out with self-titled dvds and then 5 months later those 6 dvds you bought are basically season 1. wait until they are released in cardboard (if its a tv series), thats what i wait on.
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        Sometimes they are not the same so you run a risk of not finding the out of print releases with different cover art, etc., etc.
        Also, can we really wait 2 or more years for a boxed set that may never come out - I can't. You should enjoy them today because you may not be here tomorrow. Just a thought.
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