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    Does anyone remember that movie Brainscan? It had Edward Furlong in it and it's about this game called Brianscan that he gets ahold of that messes with his mind. Man, I wonder if games are going to look like that in about 15 more years. Wouldn't that be freaky?
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      yes that would be freaky!
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        "Real unreal, what's the difference?! As long as you don't get caught!"

        "It dosn't have to make sense! These movies you watch, does Death Death make sense?! No it's about Death Death Death!"

        That movie rocks, I'm currently makinga trubute movie to it, except it's a different plot and I use a Virtual Boy as a prop
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          My thought is Virtual Reality will be made
          someday for video games!!!

          I know it already is around- but it's at select arcades
          throughout US...

          I'm saying it will be the next ultimate thing for
          home video game systems...

          In other words- Video Games will have you
          IN the game Literally!!!!

          Video games will have Artifical Inteligence!!!

          Video games will talk to you in real-time...

          Some day!!
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            Brainscan is a cool flick. Released during the high times of "interactive" CD-Rom based games, the whole idea just seemed to fit so well in '94. Michael had a pretty sweet bedroom, didn't he?
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              Brainscan was the movie that I saw when I went on my first date in high school. Funny thing is, the girl I took to the movie is now my wife.
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