Thread: Am I the only guy who ever got into ExoSquad??

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    I'm pretty sure this show was on in the early 90s'....a quick Google Search turns up 93-95, so i was close in my estimate

    Its one of those forgotton Gems that only people who watched it seem to remember, but I was curious if any of you guys here were into it?

    I really enjoyed it when it was on.....I was in college at the time, which is why I was probably able to catch it on TV, as I recall it was on at odd times in my area.

    There are a couple of things that really made this show stand out:

    1) It was the first cartoon on the air, in a LOOOOOONG TIME, that actually had a storyline that was aimed at people older than 8. AND, it was actually continuous...meaning you had to watch it day to day, just like Robotech, to follow the story arc.

    <<You guys have to remember that by 1988 and 1989, all the really cool cartoons had gone off the air....I think GI Joe had re-emerged with a cartoon series in the late 1980's but it had terrible animation, and was now being written to appeal to an even younger audience than the series was when it debuted in the early 1980's>>

    2) It had really, really good animation. Robotech introduced everyone to modern Anime, but shows like Thundercats and Galaxy Rangers showed us what animation could look like. Sadly, not long after Thundercats, Galaxy Rangers, and even a show like Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors went off the air, their replacements weren't of similar quality. One of the last cartoons I remember seeing in 1989 was Macron-1, this really bad Voltron ripoff. It wasn't until I saw Exo Squad that I sat up and noticed cartoons again....

    3) It had an absolutely fantastic toy line. I still have most of mine, sadly the one guy I wished I still had (The Undersea ExoFrame) I actually had, and then returned to Toys R Us. Then Rebought it a few months later..then..returned it, deciding I really didn't want it after all. Hmmm..shoulda kept it

    The toys were fantastic because they were not only REALLY articulated, but they also had little guns and weapons and stuff you could outfit the figures with..Plus they had all the cool ExoSquad vehicles. Its good stuff.

    If you want to check out ExoSquad toys, the last time I was in a Toy Works (KBToys for Strip Malls) in their Clearance Section they still had some of the "Repackaged and repainted" exosquad E-Frame toys. They are called something besides Exosquad, but thats what they are....repainted Exosquad E-Frames.

    Just curious if anyone else also dug this had a pretty adult storyline......I think it just slipped under alot of peoples radar because there really wasn't a whole lot on the TV at that time being aimed at kids who were older than, say, 8 to 10 years old.

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      OMG i have some exosquad toys! man they're in a box in me basement.
      i hated the show though - for a kid my age to see all those people dying was pretty traumatizing
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        I remember that cartoon. With the Neo-Sapiens. I'm a big fan of Robotech and when I saw that Exo-Squad repackaged old robotech toys I was a little upset. I thought they were going to try to steal robotech vehicles, sort of like how Battletech took a couple mechs from the robotech/macross series.

        I still have E-frames, as well as a big space vessel, with miniature e-frames that came with the vessel.
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          Actually had ExoSquad gone to a 3rd season, according to web-lore, they were going to somehow try to tie in the Robotech storyline with the characters in this cartoon.

          I know, don't ask me how the hell that was going to work either.

          Basically they found the ExoSquad toys popular and needed more material, and didn't have any. They licensed the stuff from the old matchbox Robotech toys because the scale or technology "look" was a reasonable fit, I guess it would have made sense if they somehow tried to blend Exosquad with the lore of Macross or something......

          Thank christ THAT didn't go anywhere.....

          Still....great toys...especially the space fighters...those things had like a gajillion moving parts.
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            ~R.I.P. Exo-Squad
            ~September 1993-November 1994
            ~(52 Episodes).

            Top-notch animation. Good dialogue and great scripts. Action. Espionage. Political Intrigue. Assassinations. Overthrows. Fantastically epic battle scenes. And one of the greatest television theme songs ever! Plus, there were so many different sides from which to choose. I never owned any of the toys; never really had the money. But I watched the show religiously. I absolutely hated that it was cancelled, especially considering what a huge cliffhanger it left us with.

            C O R ! ! C R U M B S , C H I E F ! ! !
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              Nope, I've posted about this before. ExoSquad is one of my favorite 90s cartoons. I've always wanted to see a movie made from it and wanted to join the Exo Fleet and have my own Exo Mech, lol.
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                no you are not the only one who loved that show, thanks for reminding me... i was a sucker for the police lookin' one.

                heh, good times
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                  Quote by Regan_Baby87
                  no you are not the only one who loved that show, thanks for reminding me... i was a sucker for the police lookin' one.

                  Right on, that was the one I had too. I just thought it had been forged from an old cop bike, and that just seemed extremely cool. Just the image of flying that thing into battle, and turning on the flashers just to screw with your opponents' heads.

                  Favorite episode was when Torres got stuck on a planet (Mars? Venus?) with a bunch of futuristic boy scouts. When she challenges the leader (a little, spineless brat that later tries to off her) for control of the group, he snaps:

                  "Who are you, somebody's mother?"
                  "That's *sergeant* mother to you, kid."
                  "Tell my tale to those who ask. Tell it truly; the good deeds along with the ill, and let me be judged accordingly. The silence."
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