Thread: Ever picked something up from the curb?

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    Allthe time. "One person's trash is someone else's treasure"
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      I have personally never got anything from the curb, but my father has on many occasions. I remember once he got a set of cane lounge chairs from the curb and then sold them at auction for $150
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        An old Muppets vhs once!
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          Quote by Mad-Mike
          It's amazing how many fully working mowers and trimmers in need of some basic maintenance and maybe a paintjob get tossed. We really do live in a disposable society. People really don't take care of their stuff anymore do they?


          Trade what you don't need anymore for shit that you do need. That's how I furnished my apartment.
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            My wife once got us a almost new card table when the people down the street won the lottery and just started throwing all their old stuff out for the garbage man.
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              I've picked up quite a few things actually. My and my friend would cruise a lot around town before in 2000. I've picked up many old VHS cassettes of movies from the 80's. (Spaceballs, Ferris Bueler ++ which are now part of my 80's collection.)

              I've picked up quite a few laptops, one almost new. Pentium 266MMX, 32mb ram, 1.3gb hd. What was wrong with it? The CD-Rom drive didn't open. (What a waste!) Cost me ten bucks to fix it. I've also picked up retro gaming consoles, like an old Atari and NES + some games. A ton of GI Joes, some vintage baseball cards and my favorite, a nice looking Teddy Ruxpin. (He was in a see through garbage bag with some old clothes.) I swear, clean and intact. (Minus the tapes and the battery cover.)

              The latest thing I've picked up is an LCD monitor that I caught a guy trowing away. I asked him what was wrong with it, and he said he doesn't have the power cable to it any longer, and that it required some special power adapter. I asked if I could have it, he said sure. Took it home, it did need a 'special' adapter, a transformer that costs 12 bucks at Radioshack. Great monitor, use it as my server's monitor.
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                The coolest thing I ever found lying on the curb or in my case on the bus turnaround at my old dorm building at college was a 512 MB flash drive. It looked like it had been run over a couple times and it has one of those rubber protective covers that looked a little moldy but I didn't care. All that mattered was that it worked. It doesn't sound like a big deal but I was about to buy a new one anyway and it ended up saving me $40 (This size flash drive costs about half that price now). I wiped the memory of the drive and it was mine!! (just a bunch of crappy indie MP3's and a few worthless hmwk assignments). Now I store some of my small important documents on there as well a little porn I don't want my family to see. LOL!

                I also used to find one, five, and twenty dollar bills in front of my high school all the time!! You would think that who ever dropped all those bills had been using them to blow their nose.

                I also saw a VCR/DVD combo on the side of the road once when I was walking to the library (I live five blocks away) but I decided not to mess with it since it most likely didn't have a remote and I didn't feel like tinkering with a universal remote to get it to work. It may or may not have worked either and I don't have more than a basic knowledge of electronic know-how.
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                  Im gonna go curbshooping right now
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                    Quote by outfit
                    Mannequin legs. I was going to make them into table legs but never got around to it.
                    you should make it into a christmas story lamp
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                      last night i found nothing
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                        The Gamer -

                        Don't despair - lots of time I don't find stuff on the curb either.

                        BUT, a week ago, I saw a nice piano on the curb. Unfortunately, I already had a piano and had no room for this piano, so I could not pick it up. Also, last week, a family on my block put out tons of boxes of stuff - clothes, furniture (like desks, chairs, etc), and an nice old dresser - on the curb. I walked by and they told me I could take whatever I wanted. I saw a nice Ariel the Little Mermaid picture and so I took it.
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                          a couch in good condition a small knight statue old vcrs yes I am a collector
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                            Oye where should I start?

                            3 computers

                            4 monitors

                            a vcr

                            a tv

                            a couch


                            Oye.. People around here are CRAZY! Best of all you dont have to wonder if they are throwing it out or not, they stick a "Free or its goin to the dumb." signs on

                            I dont take everything I see, but if I see somethin useful or better then what i got, then yeah I snag it.

                            One of my duel monitors im using now I found on the curb its a classic IBM monitor. works great very bright, zero roll to it. (Yes its old enough to have a verticle and horizontal hold.LOL)
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                              My mom and step-dad were walking on the beach in Mexico and they found a brick of weed. They left it, of course...
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                                I found a Masterpiece board game with some of the pieces in their original (albeit) opened bags outside someones house left with the rest of the trash bags for the garbage men to pick up. Everything was there too. Also my Dad found the Game Boy Color Version of Ghouls N' Ghosts on the ground.
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                                  My mom found something on the curb that was just lying there...a ALF key chain! Nice condition too.
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                                    I once picked up an old chair on the curb and used it in my fort.
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                                      I picked up a night stand from the curb, fixed it up a bit, and it's still by my sofa.
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                                        Oh, and I actually saw a full china closet on the sidewalk outside a house with a piece of paper that said "Please give this piece of furniture a good home, we have no room for it and no time/funds to sell it" (Something along those lines) Sadly, no room in the car to take it.
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                                          I found a 10 gallon fish tank, a few recliner chairs, a coffee table, this cool big plastic peacock statue and someones old collection of lighthouse villages (lol)
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