Thread: Tekken 5 Question

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    • 12 years 6 months ago
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    The part 2 of opening of Tekken 5 after Devil Jin appeared shows some guy in flames and personally I think is True Ogre from Tekken 3

    Does anyone confirm this or not?

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      • 11 years 9 months ago
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      I can't confirm it but I thought it was true orge myself
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        • 11 years 9 months ago
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        No, it's not Ogre.... It's Jinpachi, the final boss character in Tekken 5 and Heihachi's father, and Kazuya's grandfather.
          • 11 years 9 months ago
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          Yeah it is jinpachi but i have to agree he has a lot of things that true orge had too
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