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    ok, before i had my commodore 64 we had the magnavox odyssey 2. i was REALLY young when we had this but it was great!

    they had a pac-man clone called K.C. Munchkin and a racing game called speedway. i'd have to say my favorite game was pick axe pete. i remember a game called monkeyshines but all i can remember is that it scared the hell out of me for some odd reason, i don't even remember the object of the game.

    heres some info on the odyssey 2 from the wikipedia
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      I had one of those machines, it was great fun. My dad bought it new and held on to it for the longest time. When I got old enough to want video games, he pulled that out because he was such a cheap skate, he wouldn't spring for the Super Nintendo that everybody else had. I sold it a few years back at a garage sale for $25, that was a mistake, I could have made much more money if I had held onto it and waited for the advent of eBay.
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        I had one of those as well... I actually remember that there was a golf game for it, and they even made a Lord Of The Rings game for it, but I didn't understand what that was all about, being 5-6 years old at the time. I even got teh speech module accessory, and had this one game that worked with math things adn talked to you... There was also Take The Money And Run, which was fun... and I remember Pick Axe Pete.... I loved that game. don't remember much abuot Monkey Shines, though...
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          I got some info on the magnavox odyessy you can check it out at classic if ya like
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            I recently sold a unit and about 30 games on eBay for about $150.
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              We have one here with a couple games, and frm what I understand another one in storage with every single game for it. Personally it's nothing of interest for me, so it would be nice for some extra cash.
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                OK, so by the 60´s my father was living in Europe, and he had one of the first machines the video game industry ever produced (talking of a machine which only had PONG and which you couldn´t change the games, impossible by our modern 3D times!! but the greatest for our parents, a marvel indeed).
                But suddenly, taraan! Such a machine made it´s appearance to the public. It have a keyboard, two joysticks (very arcaic, without A or B ) and not only that, it has the possibility of interchangeable game cartridges and also is in full color with a powerful matrix of 64 bytes! (Nintendo had 8 times that correct me if I´m wrong)
                Then he buys it and begins to play it. He liked it too much that Mr. PONG is out of the picture. Mr. PONG is not enough machine to beat the newcommer. Badaam! Mr. PONG goes to the bin, and out of the picture. Welcome Mr. Oddysey 2.
                In fact he enjoyed it too much that Bowling/Basketball is not enough, he wants more, a better experience. He buys War of nerves, Seedway/spin-out/Cryptologic, I´ve got your number, Pachinko, PT Barnum´s acrobats and several others.
                By his times, games came in a very cool box with several illustrations and in-game shots of the screen. Inside, the cartridge came along a nice Manual. Like games come nowadays.
                When he returned to my country, he brought it, starting his video-game legacy to his sons (me included). A great legacy by the way.
                So of course we played with it and enjoyed it. I had 4-5 years old when I first knew what kind of machine I were dealing with, and how to use it.
                Also remember one day, my mother gave it to me, cuz was my birthday and also ill. Jeje. My older brother connected the Oddyssey to the TV (a Phillips), in my room and we started to play with it. Great birthday!. I didn´t knew that in that birthday I was playing with one of the pioneer videogame machines. I keep that memory very fresh like if it´s yesterday. Oh great times those!
                One day my older brother brought to home some games that his friend lend to him. They were pick axe pete, Cosmic conflict and helicopter rescue.
                We always played the games and never get bored. But I enjoyed Cosmic conflict, primarily, eventhough all the games were good enough to decide which to play first, until the arriving of Nintendo, which literally revolutioned the way of the videogames.
                We kept it, in well conditions for too much time, until my brother, sold it 5 years ago. Thankfully emulators exist and if it weren´t for them I couldn´t remember such great times. Óf course I´ve downloaded it and it´s games.
                Hope this great game machine never fall in the void.
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