Thread: Star Wars Video Games

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    What I'm hoping for is a game that goes through the whole saga like a hack a slash. It should be called "Jedi's in Time".

    (Yes, I know Battlefront goes through the saga.
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      Jedi power battles!!
      also Rogue Squadron and Shadows of the Empire.

      The Empire strikes back on Game Boy was a favourite of mine and Super star wars was also good.
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        I enjoyed mostly Darth Forces II: Jedi Knight. I played the first one which is basically a 1st person shoot up game. I played the sequel to Jedi Knight and it wasn't as great is this Darth Forces 2. The experience was to play online. From full force battles to No force battles including only guns and only sabers made it fun. It would never get boring!

        I also enjoy Star Wars Trilogy ArcadeI downloaded it but my pc is too slow to run it .
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