Thread: What games worked with the NES Power Pad?

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      I had World Class Track Meet, my mom would get so pissed off when we played it though. When we ran on the running pad we'd stomp and shake the floor and things would fall off of the top of the television cabinet. So we would have to play Duck Hunt or Super Mario Bros. instead. All three games were on the same catridge and came in this Power Pack thing which included a NES system, running pad, zapper gun, 2 NES controllers, and of course the 3 in 1 game cartridge.

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        We did track & field too, but instead of running our arses off, we would just sit on the floor and slap the mat with our hands. Even that got old fast. The mat seemed so cool at the time, but I think we used it all of 3 times. I'm sure there were other games, but who'd want to play them?
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          another one was called dance arobics Not sure how that played . Never had a copy
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            my roommates and i have been using my Power Pad a lot recently. It's a lot of fun (especially as a drinking game )

            i have World Class Track Meet and Super Team Games.

            it's soooo much fun
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              the only game for the power pad that work with it, was only track an field, (but thats the only one i can think of) but since its pretty much a gaint but flat controler, did you try other games? because im pretty sure it can.
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                if i rember right their was also a cop game
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                  they had a game for nes like DDR it was called dance 2000i have it on my emulator its funny but i dont know if u could use the pad
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                    yah there was the Arobics game also.
                    I remeber my mother used to play I mean work out with it.
                    me and my brother only played the World Track meet game.
                    The jumping ones were no were as bad as the running ones but the Hurdles were the worst
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                      i hope this helps a little

                      crap i have had to edit this because i did not notice the same link above lol
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