Thread: "You can't do that on Television"

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    When Moose and (that cutie pie) Lisa left the show, it went way downhill.
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      The intro reminded me of Monty Python.
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        I used to hurry home from school...when I didn't have track practice that watch UCDTOTV...

        I loved Alistair...he was cute and funny...I remember Alanis being on there...but they are the only two I remember...

        I remember Barth and Valerie...Barth used to serve the Barth Burgers...which had dead roadkill in'd see a skunk tail hanging out of the side....valerie would always say to the kids, "Don't encourage him."

        And when the kids would be chained to trhe wall for wasn't detention...setention was when the guy who played Barth made them copy the dictionary in triplicate...I do that with my students...just not in triplicate.

        If you said water... you got drenched
        If you said I don't got slimed with the ORIGINAL green slime.

        Alastair always got in trouble and sent to detention

        this show was so needs to be back on or on dvd or something
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