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    Hey y'all.. wanted to drop a line here for anyone who might want to tune into the show I'm doing tomorrow on the radio station KAOS 89.3fm in Olympia (streaming online at

    I usually compose programs that mix random sources and noises together in a collage.. but this particular weekend will feature a retro mix of video game and cartoon themed sources. In fact the reason I'm even posting this here is due to having stumbled across Retro Junk's lovely trove of old video game ads and such (many of which I have taken the audio from to use on this show).

    If you want to tune in it airs Saturday 24th from 8pm to 10pm on although it will also be archived in downloadable mp3 (podcast) formate for a good two weeks at my own site for the show here:

    Finally.. to end off the post.. here's a poster I drew up for the show:
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      The show aired last night and will now be availible from my site in an easily downloadable mp3 format for two weeks.. get it here:

      The playlist on the site contains some bonus photos:
      ...but here's the text of that list:

      Show Title: The Super Secret Lodge Show - Cartoon + Video Game Special!!
      Host Name: Aerick Duckhugger (box #55)
      Day & Time: Saturday 8pm to 10pm
      Date: September 24th of 2005

      Artist / Track Title / Album Title / Recording Label / New To Library?

      Selections From the CD Library:

      (*) Manchild / Into the Gauntlet / If You Don't Beat the Game You Die In Real Life / Appleseed Records /
      ae / Something For the Weekend / bootleg / Sonig /
      Solid Eye / No Pause If Possible / Bidi, Bidi, Bidi (various artists) / Bananafish Magazine /
      Maniac Mansion / ... / Pizza Time Theater / ... /
      website / paperboy 2002 / We're Twins Sampler 2003 (various artists) / We're Twins /
      Polysics / Kasugai / Eno / Ki-Oon /
      Klippa Kloppa / Godzilla Ga Kita!! / Tottemo Godzilla Riders / Snowdonia Records /
      (*) Poj Masta / Play My Game / ... / ... /

      (first break)

      (*) Yak Brigade / Vanquished by Giant Eggs / Bartolandia: the Lost Years '95 - '99 / Tape Mountain /
      Henry Kaiser / Meet the Flinstones / Lemon Fish Tweezer / Cuneiform Records /
      Rose for Bohdan / Dig Dug / Live at Tape MTN HQ (various artists) / Tape Mountain /
      Yak Brigade / Centipede Curve / Bartolandia: the Lost Years '95 - '99 / Tape Mountain /
      Takako Minnekawa / Cloud Chips / Cloudy Cloud Calculator / Emperor Norton /
      Jazzkammer / Kung-Fu Sister + Last Train to Silly + Gameboy / Hot Action Sexy Karaoke / Groundfault /
      (*) DJ Q-Bert / Track 10 / Demolition Pumpkin Squeeze Musik / ... /

      (second break)

      (*) YMCK / Tetrominon: From Russia With Blocks / Family Music / Usagi Chang /
      Yak Brigade / Recurring Dreams About Nonexistant Atari 2600 Games / Bartolandia: the Lost Years '95 - '99 / Tape Mountain /
      the Advantage / Bomberman 2 + Ghosts 'n' Goblins / (self titled) / 5 Rue Christine /
      Land of the Loops / Multi-Family Garage Sale (bargin bin mix) / Bundle of Joy / Up /
      Bastard Noise / Beneath the Ice Skin + Lunar Nest Guard / Decent Into Mimas / Groundfault /
      Nobukazu Takemura / Trampoline / Hoshi No Koe / Thrill Jockey /
      Bran Pos / the Great Mice Detectives on Mars... / Chirphius / Soundcrack /
      (*) Tanguy Ukulele Orchestra / Space Harrier Theme / ... / /

      (third break)

      (*) Supervillians / Behold, Galvatron! / Supervillans / Suckadelic /
      Marilyn Lerner / Codec Moment + Cartoon Fest / Luminance / Actuellecd /
      the Swirlies / Sea Wolf Edit / Stricktly East Coast Sneaky Flute Music / Taang! /
      Midnight Matinee / The Lion Sleeps Tonight: Ren and Stimpy / More Songs From the Midnight Matinee / John Schnall (WFMU) /
      Mix Master Mike / the Joust / Bangzilla / Scratch /
      Robochanman / Cyclops Troop / Strugglediver / Groundfault /
      Phoaming Edison / Too Much Pizza / Happy Nap Casino / Dark Beloved Cloud /

      (final break)

      (*) Princess Peach / Princess Peach / Super Mario Brother: Mario Syndrome (japan 1986) / King Records /

      Vinyl Selections:

      ... / Cartoon Showtime / Woody Woodpecker / Wonderland /
      Mirah / 1982 (atari) / Storageland / Yoyo Recordings /
      Buckner & Garcia / Ode to Centepede + Do the Donkey Kong / Pac-Man Fever / Columbia /
      the Archies / Bang Shang-a-Lang / Greatest Hits / Hit /
      ... / Casper Theme / Casper the Friendly Ghost: Make Believe / Peter Pan /
      Strawberry Shortcake / ... / Pets on Parade / Kid Stuff /
      ... / Chilly Willy the Penguin / Woody Woodpecker and His Friends / Playhour /
      ... / Spinach on the Spanish Main / Popye the Sailor Man: In the Movies / Peter Pan /
      the Smurfs / Welcome to Smurfland / The Smurfs All Star Show / Sessions /
      Crank Sturgeon / Tubba playerina cretacious / Internacionales Esturgeonium Fanciumdada / Fusetron /
      ... / ... / Cabbage Patch Kids / Parker /
      Bill Dana / ... / The New Alice In Wonderland / Hanna Barbara /

      Mini-Vinyl Selections (7 inches and the like):

      The Dramatics / Animated Bad Sprockets + Bird's Life / Garbage For Your Gut / Stomachache /
      Rula Lenska / Disk Quota Exceeded / (various artists) / Sick & Tired + Dark Beloved Cloud /
      Dame Darcy & the Coctails / Happy Filly / Tardvark / HiBall /
      ... / ... / Mr.T and the Runaway Robot / Child Guidance /

      Cassette Selections:

      Dennis Driscoll / 99 Red Balloons / Hide and Seek / Brown Recordings /
      BN / Robots Robots Robots Robots / BN est bien / Punk Treefort /
      Red Five / Creeping Briar + Diabolical Attack + Galaxian / ... / ... /
      Spood / Coming To Kill You / ... / ... /
      ... / Recordings of Arcade at Tilt in the Capitol Mall (olympia, wa) / ... / ... /
      also some other random tape recorded video game and cartoon sounds...

      Computer transfered samples, digital mp3s and the like:

      Chuck Swaim "Describing a Flinstones/Winston Commercial to listeners"
      Manipulator Alligator "nintendo"
      Paul Shrug "Qburnt"
      Perspex (noisettes side project) "Plumber O1"
      Rik Garrett "saturdaymorningsugarrush" (
      Ian Brinker (aka Schmedly of Hello Olympia) "Playing Some (bleep)ing Vice City"
      ... "Fly, Yar Warriors/Missile Command/Atari Theme" (off the Missile Command/Yars' Revenge album by Kid Stuff Records as found from the 365 Days project at
      ... "Slightly Crazy Lazy Day / It's My Job" (off the The Amazing Adventures of Pac-Man by Kid Stuff Records as found from the 365 Days project at
      Tanguy Ukulele Orchestra "Kid Icarus"+"Shinobi"+"Zelda Aloha Metal" (as found online at
      Wesley Willis "Birdman Kicked My Ass" (from the album "Greatest Hits Volume Two" on Alternative Tentacles)
      the Arabic version of the Pokemon cartoon theme
      Felt "Cartoon Sky" (from the album "Me And A Monkey On The Moon")
      Future Bible Heroes "Cartoon" (from the album "Eternal Youth")
      John Zorn "For Your Eyes Only" (off the album "Cartoon S&M")
      Thundercats Outtakes (with bleeped out swears)
      A trailer for the cartoon film "Wizards" by Ralph Bakshi
      A commercial for Rainbow Brite cereal.
      Clip from Simpsons of Bill Cosby and some Kid.. "Pokemon..."
      Namco's Best of Video Game Music 1986 "xevious"+"galaga" + "dig dug ii" + "dragon buster" + " metro cross (part i)"
      Poj Masta "DaftpunC64"
      Stemage "Item Room" + "Kraid" (from the album "Metroid Metal")
      Sunny Day Real Estate "Guitar and Video Games"
      Wes Borland "Super Mario Bros Theme (techno remix)"
      YMCK "POW*POW" & "Your Quest Is Over"
      A-Kamp "Tetris Jamband Grunge" (snagged from Myspace Profile at:
      Mr. Bungle "Super Mario Bros"
      the Pixies "Theme From Narc" (from the Complete B-Sides)
      Atrax Morgue "Game Over Baby"
      Raumagent Alpha "A1-Super Zaxxon" (from "Star Glider" on Dumb Unit)
      Cornflex - "Final Fantasy 7 FantasticMamboTechnoDisco de Chocobo OC Remix"
      DJ Saskrotch (Nintendo Breaks).. Short tracks using music from the following games: Altered Beast, Super Mario 3, the Adventures of Lolo, Kirby's Adventure, Megaman 2, Link's Adventure, and Legend of Zelda

      Clips from the cartoons: Rainbow Brite, Totoro, Nausicaa, Kiki's Delivery Service, the Smurfs, Lupin the 3rd, Super Mario 3 Adventures, Megaman, the Mysterious Cities of Gold, Count Duckula, the Gobots, the Silverhawks, Mister T, Mask, Dr Slump, Dungeons and Dragons, My Little Pony, Hurculoids and Parappa the Rapper

      Clips from the Video Games: Super Medriod (snes), Doraemon (sfc), DigDug (nes), Kid Icarus (nes), Dragon Quest I-II Remix (sfc), Dragon Quest VI (sfc), Pacman 2 (snes), and Clocktower (sfc)

      Old Video Game Ads (thanks to for: Gameboy, Mario Bros (atari), the Nintendo Entertainment System, Rockman (japanese version of Megaman), the Legend of Zelda (for NES and Gameboy), and Super Mario Land (gameboy)... Also a commercial for Dragon Warrior in the mix that didn't come from

      Also.. A TV & VCR was playing in the corner of the room with "Puss'n Boots Travels Around the World: Volume 5" (I know I know.. I referred to it as Cat in the Hat at one point... my head was elsewhere.. confusing the two respectived clothed cats)... I actually had other tapes there at the studio to play.. but I couldn't get the Puss'n Boots tape out of the damn VCR!! It's actually still stuck there as I type this in hours after the show.

      Extra Thanks go out to...
      Domenica Clark for all her various assistances/support/track findin' skillz.
      Denoo for Providing a nice variety of interesting tracks for this show
      Matthew Hoppock for that Manipulator Alligator "nintendo" track.
      Nozmo King for all those Hurculoids clips
      Luke Turner for calling in with those Elmer Fudd related things.
      mitre and vaguelee from the K Board for their suggestions
      ...and mass props again to all those who donated tracks I listed above Paul Shrug, Brian Noisettes, Rik Garrett, Chuck Swaim, Ian Brinker, and anyone else I might have forgotten in the rush (seriously email me if you think I've left something out... for serious... [email][email protected][/email])

      (*) Indicates cuts that were NOT mixed in with any other sources, played "straight up"!!
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