Thread: Before you ever meet me, how many of you hate me?

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    I am sure many of you hate me. Mystie probably has a paper saying I can't get within 100 feet of her or her house. Also, nippythefish is pissed, not to mention many others. I wish to come clean with my true self. In my real life, I do game a lot, I am retro and I am really good at them. However, I also like hentai(to an extent) and anime way too much. I look like an unbearded silent bob(which means I am chunky, go and make fun) and my life is otherwise crap. Here is all the ammo you will ever need. I am 18, live in a trailer surrounded by crazy rednecks and have no love life. I am really depressed and angry at life a lot and have nothing. I am nothingness. I wish I was kidding, but I am not.
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      • 12 years 8 months ago
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      dont worry man i love you, man lol jks

      dude who cares you hates u
      u r in another city and/or country its not like u will ever meet these people
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        Why would Mystie have a paper saying that u can not come with in a 100yds of her House? Just wondering and things will get better.
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          Damn dude, you need to get outta there. Come to Austin, this place rocks.
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            This thread is flame bait if I've ever seen it.
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              People here have no use for your flaws. We are all equal here and friends. A person here could be a supermodel or a toad, Bill Gates or a hobo. We are all equal and friends here. Do not be so hard on yourself.
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