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    We've all had good dreams, bad dreams, wierd dreams, and of course the dreams we wish we never had dreamt (them are the worst, like when your dating someone you really like or doing something you like and wake up only to find it was just a dream), but I scary dreams you remember in detail for the rest of your life!

    I hated getting sucked into a tornado or jumping from a high place in a dream, it feels so wierd and so real. *shakes head* but on the dream, or in this case, nightmares! I had a dream when I was really young where im in my grandparents dark and scary basement, this hairy man in a hockey mask chases after and I run........but feel like im running in water or sand because I can't run very fast. I get to the staris and halfway up they start to fall and I went with it and landed on the ground (carousel music is palying) and the man picks up an axe and hits me in the back of my head, I SCREAMED AWAKE, it felt real and my head hurt in the back where I got hit when I woke up. That was creepy, I have more but the mind is just so crazy and mysterious!

    What are some of your twisted dreams or nightmares?
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      well, i can't recall exact details. but i've had a few, where a person, a creepy person, will turn to me and say something. and once i replay it in my head when i'm awake it really doesn't sound all that strange. but in the dream they have a look in their eye. and it's just the scariest feeling.. like they've crossed this invisble line, said something to urk you. and it makes me scream or cry and i awake!

      i've also had those dreams where you're almost asleep and then you'll like fall off a cliff or trip while running or jumping, and you can actually feel your legs jerk and you're awake again. those are such strange feelings.

      dreams are such a good topic. i've had many conversations with people about these. there are just endless amounts of dreams to tell.

      i think everyone must have those dreams where you're legs don't work. in mine, i'm usually trying to run away from someone who's trying to harm me and there's usually stairs involved, and the damn stairs are the HARDEST to get up! you feel so disconnected and incapable of moving your legs right. so strange.

      i've also had dreams where it's so saddening that i wake myself up crying. and even though i eventually realize they're not real, i can't help but cry cause it felt so real. like death's in the family and such.

      good topic, i'd like to hear more.
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        I've had dreams like that before the kind where you wake up panting with sweat pouring off of you. I have alot of nightmares but I had this one that was so freaky and so real that it scared the crap out of me.

        I had it in 1997 when I was 17. I am standing in an old barn with a loft and wood flooring that sat in this huge field. I am looking for something but I don't know what. The place is really creepy and dark with tons of cobwebs. I find a hidden entrance to a basement on the floor under the hardwood. I open it and go down. There are torches lit on the wall and it seems like the air has gotten thicker and is freezing cold. I am barefoot and the floor is dirtr and I have centipede like bugs crawling all over my feet. I grab a torch and walk down this long tunnel unitl I come to this small room with an ancient looking brick wall. The wall has a fossilized snake in one of the bricks. I reach out to touch it and it comes to life and says in a hissy voice, "Eden". I grab it and I feel my feet come out from under me. I'm falling into the pits of hell. It's like falling through a volcano in slow motion. On a ledge I see jesus on the cross with demons dancing around around him singing in some weird langauge. When I land I'm not in hell anymore but in this forest. It's deadly quiet other than a couple faint bird chirps and totally erie. I walk through the mist into an opening and see a dead tree with an open book, a feather pen and a jar of thick blodlike red ink. I walk up and grab the pen and go to sign my name on a page that is empty except for a blank line. That's when I feel a hand/claw on my shoulder. I turn around and see satan himself and he looks at me and says "sign your name in the book and you can come with me". I froze and screamed and that when I woke up crying. To me that was the scariest thing ever! It was so real it felt like I left my body.

        I have had alot of freaky nightmares. I guess I watch to many horror movies or maybe I had read too many lovecraft and lavey books, who knows. I have also had those dreams were you trying to run but you legs don't work, and then I try to pull myself along with my hands to get away. Or when you fall and right before you hit the ground you wake up. Dreams are so strange like sometimes I can speak or understand another language or what's even weirder is when your looking at yourself from outside you body. Good topic!
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          When I was younger, I used to have several recurring nightmares:

          I used to dream...

          that I was in my bedroom and the evil witch from Sleeping Beauty would be floating in my window watching me.

          that I was being chased by a witch riding a tricycle and she had long fingernails and would try to scratch me to death.

          that I was being kidnapped by a vampire couple and I was in the back seat on the floor and the woman would swing her head around the seat and bite my neck. She had a long crane-like neck.

          that I was falling off a building and I would actually wake up on the floor.

          Lately, I rarely remember my dreams, but in most of my nightmares I am a soldier of God fighting demons, which are usually possessed people.

          I also watch too many scary movies, but I love them!
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            Cool posts so far! The sadest dream I ever had was about a year ago, I had this beautiful dream that was really long. I was married to the love of my life who I havent seen since forever, and I could see her face and everything perfectly. You know how you kind of...well.......can't perfectly picture a person until you see them again, especially after a loooong time. I could picture her perfectly and it was like I was really by her. I vaugely remember all the stuff we did in the dream, but in the end of my dream I find a have a daughter. And the dream was so real, I cried in the dream when she got hurt by something, she was my daughter and I love her. But I awoke and was crying in reality too, and then became really depressed to find that I have no girlfriend, she is long gone, and the daughter in my dream was fake.

            It actually hurt pretty bad, the realization that my ever having a child is way off into the sounds stupid but I get teary eyed when I think about it.

            Has anyone else ever had a dream like this?
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              I haven't had many nightmares in the longest time. I remember when I was little I used to have nightmares about getting chased by a shark. I had lots of dreams about flying.. i remember in one I dreamed people tried to shoot me down.
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                I had a great dream were I found a gamer girl at my local gamestop and we went out and got along with one another. Then, while in the dream we were playing Soul Calibur 2, I looked over at her and her face was melting off. She was grabbing on to me yelling "WHY!!" over and over again. I freaked out, went outside, and was chased by 5 people with chainsaws with sacks on their heads. Then, a storm blew up and I was sent into a tornado. I woke up in the middle of the night and freaked out. I stayed up and played a game to keep myself normal.
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                  I usually don't talk about my dreams since they're pretty much f****ed up . But anyway i had some about going to local strip malls and location but seemed to much like reality.
                  I also had some disturbing ones Like this one , I was watching the news and the reporter says that there was going to be a bombing in the US and then i hear a noise and then I see these aircraft and then I see somthing drop out of them, they were bombs. We were being bombed. another was with a nuclear blast that me and my mom was in so for some reason I went and hid in the bath room, the bomb went off and the light from the crack was burning my arm. there was another one simular but the bomb landed on the downstairs. And didn't go off , I just ran like hell.

                  then again there was this weird one with all these explosions and some tank like machine had this weird blue flame comming out on top of it.

                  freaked yet?

                  there's others but they're way too disturbing to talk about and I'll leave it at that
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                    I am frequently having bad dreams about zombies. I’ll be hanging out with my friends in an open area of our college campus, and people will run by screaming. That’s when I see the hoard coming from that direction. And then I see them coming from every which way. I end up on the top floor of a building, knowing it’s a matter of time before they burst in. It terrifies me because A) it’s always the apocalypse, B) I contemplate suicide, and C) I wake up right as they’re coming in. I’ve also had dreams about nuclear war that scare me. Since I am from a major city, I’d assume that’s where they’d strike first. That always worries me. Then there is the thought of aliens visiting me late at night. All these things wake me up and have me peak out my peephole before I have my morning smoke. I also dream that I am reliving losing my fiancé, except each time it’s worse and worse how she passes. Those dreams have me waking up yelling.
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                      I hardly recall having dreams. I actually only remember having nightmares, though I know I must've had dreams too. Maybe I should stop playing games/watching tv/reading comics etc., but I nowadays love those nightmares. It's strange, but even though I know I will be killed at the end of the nightmare, I enjoy every second of it. It's like watching a horror movie, or playing a horror game in witch you actually participate. Usually, there's something good about the nightmare too, like being able to fly or shoot energy with my hands or being with a couple of friends (they never have faces, they're just friends. I guess they're in it, becoz I consider friendship to be one of the most important things in life) together trying to save our lives. I especially love the nightmares with zombies in them. Strangely, most of my nightmares also happen in the same "world", which exists out of elements from places I see in my daily life, only rearranged and slightly edited. That world is always the same.

                      As for the nightmare that I will remember forever, it wasn't a real nightmare. You see, on Friday, I was really looking forward to the weekend. It had been a busy week and I just needed to slow down. After my paperround on Saturday, I decided to have a little more sleep. I dreamt it was Friday, and I was at school. But I didn't have any of my work with me, though the deadline was that day. And the school felt weird too. And slowly I started to realise this couldn't be true. It was Saturday, I wasn't supposed to be at school. I knew I was dreaming, but I couldn't wake up and started to, well, kinda freak. It might have been two hours in my dream, before I was able to wake up. It kinda felt like being teleported I guess, since one moment I was at school, then for a really short while, it was like I was in some dark place, a border or something, and then I was back in bed. Really akward, I think I was overworked.
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                        when I was a kid I had nightmares about demons, ghosts, monsters etc. that freaked me out. Now as an adult I hardly dream about this nonsense but only about sad and depressing situations.

                        The most depressing dream I ever had was more or less like this: while I was walking with my brother someone stopped me and told me that I killed in a car accident a little girl. I didnt recollect such a scene but in my dream I was plagued by the guilt of being a true murderer of a child(whether intentionally or not didnt matter) . I really cried in my sleep and wished to be dead or commit suicide. Now that I'm awake I am unable to feel what I felt in my dream. But while I was dreaming I felt the most horrendous feeling a human being can have.

                        Well it actually did matter that some days ago a little girl (a cousin of my friend) was really ran over by a truck in front of her parent's eyes and the perpetrator (who didnt have a licence for the truck) is already released and works normally.
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                          Petran that is really sad. I'm so sorry to hear that.

                          I love dreams and nightmares. Especially nightmares. When I was younger (maybe about 11 or 12) I learned to control my nightmares. If someone or something is after me I can make myself fly. Until I got the flying under control I used to wake up in a panick because I'd take off into the air but couldn't control how high I'd go so I'd be floating up up up with no way to stop. Now I can control how high I go and if friends or loved ones are with me I can take them into the air with me. At first I couldn't. I remember one dream where I put my sister on my back but she weighed me down so I wasn't able to fly. Now all anyone has to do is hold my hand. If there are 10 people, as long as someone that they're holding hands with is somehow connected to me then we can all fly. I love having nightmares. As someone else said, it's like watching a horror movie. I hate dreams about loved ones dying. I don't know how many dreams I've had where I get a phone call from my Mum saying that my Dad has had a heart attack. In my dream I think to myself "omg this is really happening. It's not a dream this time" then later on I wake up and realize thank God it was a dream. Or I have dreams where my sister (she's my best friend) has been hurt or I've been awful to her and I wake up feeling terrible. As soon as it's late enough (not like 4am lol) I phone her and tell her about my dream and tell her how sorry I am for what I did to her in it. lol. She's had dreams like that too and she'll phone me and do the same thing. I also have dreams of falling and I jump and wake myself up. Also, some dreams I have, I know someone is after me, so wherever I am, I create a small crawl space. Somewhere in the ground or building or wherever I'm at, and I crawl through it knowing that the person chasing me will never find me. It's cool to be able to control dreams. If something happens in my dream that I wish hadn't happned I can actually make it go back a few seconds and change that part around so it actually never happened. Now, the most wonderful dream I've ever had happened about four years ago. First of all let me start by telling you that my Nana (my Mum's Mum) passed away when my sister and I were four years old. Cancer. I was very close to my Nana and missed her terribly. I still do at times. I so badly wish I could have just one day to be with her. Anyway, four years ago I had my third and final child. I had a dream, and you know how most dreams, when you dream about a certain place, you know it's that place but things aren't what they normally look like? Well, in this dream we were at my parents' house. Everything was exactly the same as it is in real life. Exactly. Nothing was moved, changed, or anything. I was sitting on the floor and my parents were there and so were my kids and my sister. My sister was on the couch and my Nana was sitting next to her. I woke up with the most peaceful feeling I've ever experienced in my life and as I lay there in bed I thought to myself "Nana's met my kids". I truly believe she did. I believe that she came back to see us and meet my kids through my dream. That is only the second time in my life I've dreamed of my Nana. The first time I was much younger. Maybe about ten years old but I truly believe that since my Nana passed away in 1978 that she's been back to see me twice and it makes me feel so happy to know that she's met her three great grandchildren.

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                            I had a dream one time recently. Life was horrid. I had no job, no gf, no friends for a while. I was a loner. I just didn't care. I was given the choice to stay at my school and be monitored all day long or quit. So I quit, got my GED and then did a year of college. I took a break. However, this is off topic. After I took myself away from the school I had fucked up dream. I am not the angry type, I never really think about hurting anyone(even though our house is filled with sharp weapons) I never plan on owning a gun either(I feel it to be a wimpy weapon) My dad thought me a lot of special op attacks when I was younger. The best one being the knife stance. I never ever plan to use it. However, in my dream, I went back to the school(black and white nightmare) I went to the prinicipal's office and stabbed him to death and then called the cops on myself. I ran through the halls killing every random person I saw. I killed all 4 of my (real friends) in the crossfire. Then I didn't care. The cops came to me and instead attacked me with nightsticks. Which then I just dogded and sliced thier stomach. A freshman girl was sitting their, holding her brother, my best friends little sister. I killed her too. I fear that I actually have the ability and knowledge of these ways and choose not to attack anyone in anger or insanity. People look at me like I am a push over but the fact is. I could probably kill them with one arm. I have never been able to share this with anyone and I actually fear myself. Sometimes that same nightmare comes back. It makes me cry in my sleep. Yet in my dream I feel no sin nor care.
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                              I had a dream once where there was a disease going around the United States and the television news warned everone not to use public restrooms, especially in Oklahoma. "I REPEAT," said the anchorman, "DON"T USE THE RESTROOMS IN OKLAHOMA." So then it kind of got hazy for a second and the next thing that happened is I was walking down a dirtroad in the country, somewhere. My parents were with me. It was sunny, there was a nice breeze, the grass was green and old oak trees stood like noblemen in the fields. There were old barbedwire fences beyond the grassy ditches to the left and the right and we were all having a good ol' time. I looked to my right and noticed there was a cow pasture beyond the barbed wire. Nothing big, I thought, just cows, it is the country after all. I looked at one of the cows, however, and I noticed it had two heads, not side by side, but one on top of the other. That's strange, then I noticed other two headed cows, a few with their front legs smaller than their back legs and they where running around like two legged dinosaurs, running pretty fast too. Then I saw another cow from the rear, it looked normal, four legs, one head, but then it turned around to look at me and it had the face of a human, with very dark shadowy eyes. It saw me then ran away. Finally there was another cow, with small front legs like many of the rest, but it was the size of an elephant and with only half of a face. Seeing all of these mutant cows kind of freaked me out so I wanted to get as far away from them as I possibly could. I went over to the fence on the left side, the one away from the cow field and jumped it. Then I noticed my parents had walked on, so I walked on. Then I found that I had gotten to a part of the fence that was chain link and very high, so I was stuck. My folks yelled, "get out of there, Matt, there's tigers," then I looked over and there was an adult bengeled tiger looking at me. In a panic I tried to climb the fence, but the hungry tiger jumped up and dug its claws into my love handles, dragging me to the dirt... I woke then, and I had to pee really bad, so i got up and walked to the bathroom, and used the urinal... wait a minute... I don't have a urinal in my apartment, this is a public restroom. A man walked in the door so I asked him, "Hey, where am I?"
                              He replied, "Why, you're in Oklahoma."
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