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    who reme,bers the segment where there was a cartoon on a cup and they told a story....
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      Teeney Weeney Little Super Guy? I loved that segment. It was on of my favorites.
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        I do also i think that he and all his frends started to come to life when no one is a round a bit like toy story really
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          awesome stuff, i totally remember this clip and used to love seeing it on sesame street growing up
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            classic sesame street is awesome the more recent stuff from 2000 onward is just as bad as barney
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              Teeny Little Superguy
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                I used to love his segments they were the best.
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                  that was one of the few skits i dont think was owned by seseme street they would show that on nickelodian's pinwheel as well


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                    Cracks in the Wall.
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                      I don't remember this guy. I do remember "Island of Emotion" from 1994, did you ever see that one?
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