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    [ Here's what I have: ]

    All TMNT Eps
    All Captain N Eps
    All Gummi Bears Eps
    All Snorks Eps
    All Weird Science Eps
    All Wonder Years Eps
    All Tiny Toon Adventures Eps
    All Duck Tales Eps
    All Solute Your Shorts

    I have a collection of VHS tapes too... but I'll post them at a later date [ at work right now & dont' have the list with me. ]

    Mr. Wizard
    Marian the Librarian
    3-2-1 Contact!
    Square 1
    Fat Albert
    Perfect Strangers
    Pete & Pete
    Charles in Charge
    Adventures of the Little Koala
    Tour of Duty
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      Perfect Strangers

      Aol In2TV has several eps of Perfect Strangers and Beetlejuice. Some in HI-Q, too. If you don't mind jumping thru some hoops just to watch them, that is. It requires media player 10 and that you use IE, blah. But it's worth it. They are using DRM so you can't, without removing the DRM, re-encode them to anything else. If you have TV out and any form of recorder (VHS, DVR, etc) you can capture them that way. Not that I'm doing that or anything
      Anyway, give it a go. It's worth it just for Beetlejuice eps. And Alice haha
      Oh, as for Wings, re-runs show like 24/7 of that show. Forget which channel but they are always on.
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        Quote by TapeWurm
        Oh, as for Wings, re-runs show like 24/7 of that show. Forget which channel but they are always on.

        This is jumping slightly off-topic, but when a show is sold for syndicated reruns, such as "Wings" (which is now officially on DVD, btw), they trim several minutes out so that they can jam in more commercials. This is the main reason that many tape traders specifically ask for "original network broadcasts." With newer shows, the trims are slight, but older shows can be missing anywhere between 2-8 minutes worth of footage in reruns.
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          I would like to receive the following:

          DTV music videos from the Disney Channel
          You Can't Do That On Television

          I have mainly lots of game shows but I have a few other things. Here is my web site:

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            Hi David B Yes, you know me, we've traded before.

            Still searching for any St. Elsewheres.
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              i just want the e[pisode of Tiny Toons with Loon Lake i tried so hard to record it. and the digital box never gave details when it was being shown on nickelodeon a few years years ago.

              they have the first half of 'Loon Lake' on but i want the whole thing.

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                Yeah, I had gotten all the Tiny Toon episodes off a P2P network back in the day. Long story short, my computer crashed and I have a backup on this hard drive somewhere lost in my house. If I can find the damn thing around my house, I'd be glad to share the episode with you. I think I'm going to search top to bottom this weekend. Cross your fingers!
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                  that'd be cool.

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                    does anyone have episodes of Daria from when they first aired because there's one episode i really want called "Boxing Daria" that never airs in hte reruns that has Daria as a little kid and quinn as a toddler i never saw the whole episode. i love episodes of animates shows where they change the ages of the characters.

                    if anyone has them please email me off list [email][email protected][/email]

                    and tell me where you're from

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                      Just updateing my list:

                      Looking For: (in order of most wanted)
                      Dino Riders
                      The PJ's
                      Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (what I don't have)
                      Chip N'Dale Rescue Rangers
                      Animorphs (what I don't have)
                      Men in Black the Series
                      Back to the Future the animated series

                      Mighty Max Complete (Data Discs)
                      The Centurions Complete (Data Discs)
                      Reboot Complete (Data Discs, Quality Varies)
                      Sonic The Hedgehog SatAM Complete (Data Discs)
                      Darkwing Duck Complete (DVD)
                      Batman Beyond Complete (Data Discs)
                      Dinosaurs (Data Discs, Quality Varies)
                      90's Fox Kids X-men seasons 1-3 (DVD)
                      Ducktales (DVD)
                      Animorphs (handful of eps from season 1 and 2 from season 2)
                      Super Mario 3 Complete (Data Disc)
                      I'm With Busey Complete (Data Disc)
                      Legend of Zelda Complete (Data Disc)
                      The Real Ghostbusters S1-4 (Data Disc)
                      Rocko's Modern Life S1-4 (Data Disc)
                      Tail Spin (Data Disc)
                      Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (eps 1-7 of s1 & eps 6 &7 of s2)
                      Pirates of Dark Water
                      Ren & Stimpy S1
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                        Anyone have Talespin episodes beside official True Baloo and Jackpots & crackpots? or any Super Mario Bros. Super Show episodes after the first 24? I have 2 official Super Mario Bros. Super Show tapes i'm willing to trade. Butch Mario and the Luigi Kid, and Mario's Magic carpet. Any takers?
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                          Hi I looking "Jayce and the wheeled warriors" I have only 1 DVD escape from the garden of evil there are 4 episodes on that dvd and i can't buy and find more episodes pls I do anything to find more episodes i can't buy because in poland thare aren't for sale pls if someone have send me PM

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                            Does anyone have any original ABC broadcasts of Who's the Boss? I have a couple of TGIF tapes from the early 90s with Full House, Family Matters, Perfect Strangers, and couple of others. I will also have some Facts of Life and Growing Pains (original) soon. Please let me know! Thanks!!
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                              I happen to have acquired from ebay, 18 count 'em 18 tapes of episodes of Matlock and MacGyver with its commercials intact. I am looking for episodes of Ed McMahon's "Star Search" from the late 80s and early 90s.
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                                yeah hi

                                I've got Most of Rocko's modern life
                                All of Super Mario Bros. 3/World

                                As well as Season 2 of Rugrats
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                                  i want [need]:
                                  alex mack
                                  are you afraid of the dark?
                                  salute your shorts
                                  clarissa explains it all
                                  rockos modern life
                                  pete and pete

                                  i have:
                                  alex mack
                                  are you afraid of the dark?
                                  salute your shorts
                                  rockos modern life
                                  pete and pete

                                  PM me pleeeeease!
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                                    Here is my list of shows and local newscasts up for trade:

                                    DERRICK'S TRADE LIST (TV SHOWS/NEWSCASTS)


                                    KDNL-TV 30 St. Louis, MO (ABC): 10pm weeknight newscast (May 2001)
                                    KSHB-TV 41 Kansas City, MO (NBC): 10pm weeknight newscast (May 2001)
                                    KMBC-TV 9 Kansas City, MO (ABC): 10pm weeknight newscast (May 2001)
                                    KPRC-TV 2 Houston, TX (NBC): 1987 newscast segment
                                    WBAK-TV 38 Terre Haute, IN (ABC; now FOX): 1985, 1987, and 1992 clips

                                    Baltimore news clips: 1950s through 1970s (Includes WBAL and WJZ)
                                    WKXT-TV 8 Knoxville, TN (CBS): 1990s blooper
                                    KZTV-TV 10 Corpus Christi, TX (CBS): News open from 2001 (Features
                                    Nicole Henrich, former WBIR news reporter)
                                    Miscellaneous news opens

                                    KBLR-TV 39 Las Vegas, NV (TEL): 6pm weekday newscast (2003)
                                    KINC-TV 15 Las Vegas, NV (UNI): 6pm weekday newscast (2003)
                                    KEEN-LP Las Vegas, NV (IND): 5:30pm weekday newscast (2003; from
                                    American News Network)

                                    WTLV-TV 12 Jacksonville, FL (NBC): 6pm weekday newscast (1972)
                                    WJKS-TV 17 Jacksonville, FL (ABC): 5:55pm and 11:00pm weeknight
                                    newscasts (1977)
                                    Various WJKS news clips from 1977 through 1996

                                    WGN-TV 9 Chicago, IL (IND): 1:30am weeknight newscast (1979)
                                    CIII-TV 41 Toronto, ON (Global): 6pm weekday newscast (1986; special
                                    edition of Global News with news of the Challenger Space Shuttle
                                    WAGA-TV 5 Atlanta, GA (CBS): 11pm weeknight newscast (1981)
                                    WSB-TV 2 Atlanta, GA (ABC): 11pm newscast segment (1981)
                                    KPNX-TV 12 Phoenix, AZ (NBC): 6pm weekday newscast (198

                                    Various Las Vegas newscasts from 2003

                                    WBNB-TV 10 St. Thomas, USVI (CBS): 7pm weeknight newscast (198
                                    CBS Evening News: 2 from 1988 (Commercials included)
                                    KTVA-TV 11 Anchorage, AK (CBS): 5:30pm weekday newscast (198
                                    WJKS-TV 17 Jacksonville, FL (ABC): 5:55pm and 11:00pm weeknight
                                    newscasts (1977)
                                    Various news opens, clips, and news stories

                                    WJSU-TV 40 Anniston, AL (CBS): 1985 weekday newscast
                                    WJSU-TV 40 Anniston, AL (CBS): 3 10pm weekend newscasts (198

                                    WXIA-TV 11 Atlanta, GA (NBC): 6pm weekend newscast (2001 or 2002)
                                    WAPT-TV 16 Jackson, MS (ABC): 10pm weeknight newscast (Unknown date)
                                    WFAA-TV 8 Dallas, TX (ABC): 10pm weeknight newscast (2001)

                                    WAVY-TV 10 Norfolk, VA (NBC): 10pm weeknight newscast (1999)
                                    WHSV-TV 3 Harrisonburg, VA (ABC): 10pm weeknight newscast (1999)
                                    WJLA-TV 7 Washington, DC (ABC): 10pm weeknight newscast (1999)

                                    Vietnam News Broadcasts: Fall of Saigon
                                    -CBS Evening News: 4/30/1975
                                    -NBC Nightly News: 4/30/1975
                                    -ABC Evening News: 4/30/1975
                                    -CBS Evening News: 5/1/1975

                                    CBS Evening News: 2/18/1986

                                    WTOL-TV 11 Toledo, Ohio: 11pm newscast (1986)

                                    TV STATION ANNIVERSARIES

                                    KSLA-TV 12 Shreveport: 50th Anniversary (2003)

                                    GAME SHOWS

                                    The Price Is Right
                                    -1992 episode where they celebrate their 20th anniversary on CBS (No
                                    commercials; quality not good)

                                    TV SHOWS

                                    -Various episodes of the show (Recorded in 1989 on Nick At Nite; no
                                    commercials included

                                    -Clips of various skits (Late 1990s NBC repeat; no commercials

                                    Solid Gold
                                    -2 episodes from the early 1980s (Original commercials)

                                    Bret Maverick
                                    -"Welcome To Sweetwater" (1989 NBC rebroadcast; no commercials
                                    -"Hallie" (1989 NBC rebroadcast with 1989 commercials; WPXI-TV 11

                                    SOAP OPERAS

                                    -2 episodes from December 1983 (CBS broadcasts with original

                                    Knots Landing
                                    -"Pilot" (Early 1990s TNT rebroadcast; no commercials; quality not


                                    -A tape full of various shows including an hour of two of ABC
                                    cartoons from 1986, Guiding Light from 1986, and Private Benjamin
                                    from 1982 (Original commercials included; quality not good)

                                    TV SPECIALS

                                    -CBS: The First 50 Years (This is a good special to watch. It
                                    includes clips of shows from CBS and other things including Dan
                                    Rather and Larry Hagman; original commercials included)

                                    MY WANT LIST
                                    I am looking for any local TV newscasts from the 1970s through the 1990s with original commercials. I am also looking for any TV shows with original commercials from the 1970s through the 1990s.

                                    I don't have any equipment to copy the stuff at the moment so if anyone can copy the stuff and send it back to me, that would be fine.

                                    I am new here so I hope everyone has a good Sunday.

                                    My email address is [email][email protected][/email] and I look forward to hearing from you.

                                    - Derrick
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                                      I have the first 3 episodes of The Duck Factory if anyone is interested in a trade

                                      I'll post more stuff soon
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                                        Would anyone have "not necessarily the news"? It was an political humor show on HBO during the 80's. I already have the "best of" tape...but it doesnt even have 1/2 the good skits. Anyone?
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                                          Quote by Mystie
                                          I'm all ready to do some trading!

                                          Inside Out Boy
                                          Monster Squad DVD
                                          Howard the Duck DVD
                                          My Pet Monster movie
                                          Eureeka's Castle episodes w/ the opening, not just the ones officially released
                                          Hey Vern It's Ernest other than ones released on video
                                          Any Pinwheel I don't have (wishful thinking)
                                          Maya the Bee
                                          Count Duckula
                                          Welcome Freshman
                                          Dusty's Treehouse
                                          Mr. Wizard's World
                                          Double Dare
                                          What Would You Do?
                                          Stick Stickly stuff
                                          Gravedale High
                                          Legends of the Hidden Temple
                                          Nick Arcade
                                          Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego
                                          Mark Summers Mystery Magical Tour
                                          Any Pooh Corner or Dumbo's Circus I don't have
                                          old skool Sesame Street
                                          Bill & Ted TV
                                          entire Darkwing Duck DVD collection
                                          any decent early Nick stuff
                                          any good full collections on DVD
                                          anything Muppets/Jim Henson that I don't have


                                          Mystie, I have a non-official copy of Monster Squad on DVD. Great cover, back cover, and the DVD has a picture on it as well.

                                          I'm looking for as much 3, 2, 1, Contact as I can find.....can ya help?
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