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    Here's a list of some other stuff that I have for trade.

    Dance Workout with Barbie – Jennifer Love Hewitt
    Alyssa Milano’s Teen Steam – Alyssa Milano

    Best of Lindsey Lohan - 4 DVD's (covers every interview, segment and other stuff between Parent Trap up until Mean Girls)
    Best of Jessica Simpson - 3 DVD's (Covers early concert shows in her early days of her career)
    Best of Emma Watson - 10 DVD's (Covers every interview, news segments, and other stuff during filming of all of the Harry Potter movies)
    Best of 80's Teen Singer Tiffany - 1 DVD

    Star Wars At 30 – G4TV Special
    Dance Party USA –8 episodes from 1988 and 1990
    2007 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Swimsuit Video
    1989 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Video
    Sam Kinanson – Breaking the Rules
    2002 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show
    2003 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show
    2005 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show
    2008 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show
    2006 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show
    2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show
    2004 Miss Teen USA Pageant
    2007 Miss Teen USA Pageant
    2006 Miss Teen USA Pageant
    2005 Miss Teen USA Pageant

    Queen Live in Montreal
    Nirvana - Live at the Paramount 10/31/1991
    Van Halen - Video Hits 1
    Slipknot - Disasterpieces
    Nirvana - Live at Reading - 8/30/1992
    Nirvana - Live at The Mayfair - Newcastle, England 2/12/1991
    Nirvana - Rare Performances - 2 DVD's
    Nirvana - With the Lights Out - DVD Only
    Nirvana - Live and Loud - MTV Concert
    Nirvana - Live Tonight Sold Out
    Nirvana - Live Hollywood Rock Festival - 1/23/1993 - 2 DVD's
    Nirvana Uplugged In New York - Complete Concert (No Commercials)
    Nirvana - Live at The MTV Studios - 1/10/1992
    Rage Against the Machine: The Battle Of Mexico City
    Britney Spears – Wal-Mart Concert 1998
    Britney Spears Oops I Did It Again Tour Concert Louisiana 1998
    Britney Spears – Disney Channel Special Concert 1998
    Nirvana – Live at Beehive Music & Video 1991
    Green Day – Jaded in Chicago 11/18/1994 MTV Concert
    Metallica – Through the Never Concert Movie
    Metallica – Live Shit Binge and Purge
    Weird Al Yankovic – The Definitive Weird Al

    email me at [email protected]
    Please check out my classic kids TV show clips youtube page.

    My new DVD Trading Page
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      Here's part 2 of my trade list.

      Women’s Gymnastics
      Best of Dominique Moceanu – 5 DVD’s
      Best of Carly Patterson – 6 DVD’s
      1997 International 3 On 3 Championships
      1995 US Nationals Training Video – 4 Hours Long
      Gold bird: 1996 Romanian Gymnasts Nude
      2007 World Championships
      Anything to Win – The Magnificent 7
      2007 Tyson’s Americans Cup
      1996 Rock n’ Roll Gymnastics Championships
      1995 Rock n’ Roll Gymnastics Championships
      1998 Rock n’ Roll Gymnastics Championships
      1997 Rock n’ Roll Gymnastics Championships
      1994 All-Around World Championships
      1995 US Nationals
      2004 Olympics All-Around Finals
      Dominique Moceanu Interviews
      Today: The Olympic Show: The Magnificent 7
      1996 USA vs The World
      1996 Battle Of The Sexes
      Dominique Moceanu On Dateline NBC
      Dominique Moceanu US Olympic Gold Profile
      Little Girls in Pretty Boxes
      1997 US Nationals
      1996 Olympics Individual Finals
      1995 World Championships Team Finals
      1995 World Championships Event Finals
      1998 US Championships
      2004 US Olympic Trials – 1st night only
      1999 International Team Challenge
      1997 International Team Championships
      1995 US Championships
      1998 Goodwill Games Individual All Around
      Magnificent 7 On Today
      1996 Olympics – Women Team Compulsories and optionals
      1996 Olympics – USAG and CBC coverage
      1997 Tour of Olympic Champions
      1996 Tour of Olympic Champions
      E! True Hollywood Stories: Gymnastics Profile
      2005 American Cup
      1997 Battle of The Sexes
      1996 Gymnastics Showcase
      2010 Visa Championships
      Atlanta’s Magnificent 7 Special
      1996 Olympics Podium Training Video 2 DVD’s
      2008 Olympics Practice
      1996 World Pro Team Championships
      1994 US Championships
      1996 US Nationals
      1995 US Nationals

      Wrestling -
      Best of WWF Hardcore - 3 DVD's
      ECW Guilty as Charged 1999 PPV
      ECW Three Way Dance 1995 PPV
      Best of RVD & Sabu In ECW - 3 DVD's
      ECW Hardcore Heaven 1995 PPV
      ECW Holiday Hell 1995 PPV
      ECW Barley Legal PPV - ECW's 1st PPV
      ECW November 2 Remember 1999 PPV
      ECW Enter the Sandman 1995 PPV
      ECW Born to Be Wired 1997 PPV
      ECW Hardcore Homecoming - 2 DVD's
      ECW Double Tables 1995 PPV
      ECW Anarchy Rulez 1999 PPV
      ECW Barbed Wire, Hoodies & Chokeslams 1995 PPV
      ECW Double Tables 1995 PPV
      ECW November 2 Remember 1995 PPV
      Best Of Sabu - 3 DVD's
      ECW Big Apple Blizzard Blast 1996 PPV
      Best of The Hardy's vs Edge & Christian vs Dudley's - 4 DVD's
      WWF Survivor Series 2002 PPV (1st Elimination Chamber match)
      Dudley Boyz Shoot Interview - 2 DVD's
      Shawn Michaels Shoot Interview
      Sabu Shoot Interview
      Kevin Nash Shoot Interview
      ECW Fan Cam – 6/3/2000 – Pensacola, FL
      Taz Shoot Interview
      Jeff Hardy Shoot Interview
      CM Punk – Best in The World – 3 DVD’s
      1995 IWA King of the Deathmatches Tournament – Cactus Jack vs Terry Funk Finals
      2016 WWE Royal Rumble
      Kurt Angle Shoot Video
      Scott Hall Shoot Interview
      Kevin Von Erich Shoot Interview
      Bret Hart Shoot Interview

      9/11 World Trade Center/Pentagon Attacks
      Live Coverage of the 9/11 attacks from TV - Coverage from ABC, CBS, Fox, WUSA New York, WABC New York, CNN and NBC - 11 DVD's - Extremely Hard to Find
      9/11 CBS Documentary - 2 French journalist film a documentary of the life of a rookie firefighter in NY. Caught on camera is the 1st plane hitting the WTC and footage inside the towers during the attacks.
      The Howard Stern Show - 9/11 A Retrospective - Footage of the show on the day of the attacks and

      Super Bowl 42 - Colts vs Bears
      1992 NFC Championship Game - Cowboys vs 49ers
      Super Bowl 34 - Rams vs Titans
      Super Bowl 47 - Ravens vs 49ers
      Super Bowl 6 - Cowboys vs Dolphins
      Super Bowl 12 -Cowboys vs Broncos - 2 DVD's
      2013 NFC Championship Game - 49ers vs Falcons
      2007 Michigan vs Appalachian State
      Super Bowl 37 - Panthers vs Patriots
      1992 AFC Wild Card - Oilers vs Bills (Biggest come back in football history)
      Super Bowl 13 – Cowboys vs Steelers – With Commercials
      Super Bowl 50 – Broncos vs Panthers – With Commercials
      Super Bowl 23 – 49ers vs Bengals

      email me at [email protected]
      Please check out my classic kids TV show clips youtube page.

      My new DVD Trading Page
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        Quote by masonx31
        im looking for anything kids shows.. from 1990-1998.. Must recoupe the only good things growing up.. my childhood SUCKED.. booo

        I have episodes of Fun House, I'm Telling and Double Dare
        email me at [email protected]
        Please check out my classic kids TV show clips youtube page.

        My new DVD Trading Page
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              An original airing of the Rocko's Modern Life episode "The Good, The Bad, and The Wallaby" (that's the name of my favorite episode; I looked it up.) I remember watching it on its' initial premiere and laughing at Heffer being milked, but most of the times I remember watching the episode was after Summer of 94, because I developed a crush on Gib (that was his name) by then.
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