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    I've noticed there are more and more threads poping up for trading old shows. This is fine, but instead of everyone starting a new thread for your trade list, post what you have in here. Also, lets keep it to trading ONLY. Any posts made to sell tapes/discs or promote your website will be deleted.
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      anyone have any ycdotv's or salute your shorts?
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        I have all of Salute Your Shorts a plus some bonus stuff with Bad4Good (Budnick's old Rock Bad) but only on VHS. The DVD sets on eBay are probably better. Plus I'm pretty sure that it's going to come to DVD officially eventually.
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          i just wanna say that i found some old videos of some cartoons,and will wacth them's what they are:
          talespin-true baloo
          goof troop-banding together
          yogi's treasure hunt-th search for the moaning lisa
          adventures of sonic the hedgehog-sonic's song
          school house rock-grammer rock
          i know i also have another yogi,another sonic,another goof troop,america rock,two animanacs,a ducktales,and a jetsons.i'll tell you what i think tommarow
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            I'm all ready to do some trading!

            Inside Out Boy
            Monster Squad DVD
            Howard the Duck DVD
            My Pet Monster movie
            Eureeka's Castle episodes w/ the opening, not just the ones officially released
            Hey Vern It's Ernest other than ones released on video
            Any Pinwheel I don't have (wishful thinking)
            Maya the Bee
            Count Duckula
            Welcome Freshman
            Dusty's Treehouse
            Mr. Wizard's World
            Double Dare
            What Would You Do?
            Stick Stickly stuff
            Gravedale High
            Legends of the Hidden Temple
            Nick Arcade
            Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego
            Mark Summers Mystery Magical Tour
            Any Pooh Corner or Dumbo's Circus I don't have
            old skool Sesame Street
            Bill & Ted TV
            entire Darkwing Duck DVD collection
            any decent early Nick stuff
            any good full collections on DVD
            anything Muppets/Jim Henson that I don't have

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              I need a pair of the trix glasses that were in the cereal promos..........................their like the swirl glasses from the 90s.............................I also need episodes of shnookums and meat, bubsy cartoon and the mouse and the monster series>>>>>>>

              I have this to trade:

              Mad Jack the Pirate
              Monster Rancher Season 2 and 3
              Earthworm Jim
              Ace Ventura The Animated Series
              Dumb and Dumber The animated Series
              The Mask The animated Series
              Donkey Kong Country The Animated Series
              Extreme Ghostbusters
              Fighting Foodons
              Flint the Time Detective
              Ned's Newt
              Project Geeker
              Sam and Max
              The Pjs
              Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries
              Shnookums and Meat Funny Cartoon Show Tape Coming soon
              Goof Troop
              Ripping Friends
              The Addams Family The Animated Series
              Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon
              Tekken The Motion Picture
              Ant and the Aardvark
              I am Weasel
              Pac-Man The Animated Series
              ................................about every 80s-cartoons you can name

              My Want List:
              Trix Cereal Hypno-Glasses(Premium) 90s
              Mouse and the Monster Cartoon Eps
              Bubsy Cartoon
              Smiley the Psychotic Button Shirts
              Shnookums and Meat eps i'm missing
              Raid Bugspray Premiums
              Apple and Cinnaman Flip book(apple cinnamon cheerios)
              Vroom Socko Comic
              Dumb Bunnies Cartoon Eps
              Nightmare Ned Episodes
              Toonsylvania Cartoon
              Histeria Cartoon

              offers Ok Too

              Other Cereal Premiums

              Thanks again,
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                Faerie Tale Theatre:
                Rapunzel...Goldilocks and the 3 Bears...The 3 Little Pigs...Hansel and Gretel...Rumpelstiltskin...The Princess and the Pea

                The Mighty Megalosarus...Hurling Day...The Howling...Mating Dance...High Noon...Endangered Species

                The Pee-Wee Herman Show


                Today's Special
                Danger Mouse
                Dennis the Menace (Black and white..Classic Nick)
                Turkey Television
                Old episodes of Mark Kistler's The Secret City
                Gummy Bears
                Blow Pops commercial (80's)

                This list will be updated

                If you see something you want let me know
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                  I will make a list of what I have, eventualy, but heres what I am looking for.

                  Todays Special
                  You cant do that on tv
                  Long ago and far away
                  any old sesame street eps.(1985-96)
                  Captain Kangaro(1985-when ever that collection ends)
                  Gumby(the 60s version)
                  Muppet Babies
                  Gummi Bears

                  If you have any of these please contact me! i do have things to trade.
                  For instance, I have Sesame Streets 20th Anniversary(minus commercials( i know)), and one of their Christmas Specials from the 80s(the one where oscar convinces Big Bird that Santa isnt coming) OH! and i have the birth of Gabriel.
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                    yeah todays special is one i cant quite grasp in memories other than it having a mannequin, a dog puppet, an old man puppet and a dark woman with a redish or pink shirt. shrug. i want to see that and a ton more stuff.

                    attention. i know i have asked this before but does anyone know of a cartoon where children are sweeping and cleaning their house when a younger brother is swept under the carpet and became lost. the series was based on the other brothers and sister's adventures in finding their lost brother.
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                      I recently moved house, and discovered something quite tragic when unpacking.. somehow a magnet ended up in my box of tapes (I'd like to know who THAT genius was ) But my tape with the last chunk of Jem episodes on it, is done.. I have a little bit of episode 46, and that's it. Now i know it's not the greatest episode in the world, but I'd just paid someone to tape the series for me about... 3 years ago because I didn't have a thing to trade her and she was so nice about it.. And now that's about where the dvd issue has stopped...
                      46) The Middle Of Nowhere
                      47) Renaissance Woman
                      48 ) Journey To Shangri-La
                      49) Journey Through Time
                      50) Britrock
                      51) Out Of The Past
                      52) Hollywood Jem Pt 1: For Your Consideration...
                      53) Hollywood Jem Pt 2: And The Winner Is...
                      54) The Stingers Hit Town - Part 1
                      55) The Stingers Hit Town - Part 2
                      56) Video Wars
                      57) Beauty And The Rock Promoter
                      58 ) Homeland, Heartland
                      59) Midsummer Nights Madness 60) The Day The Music Died
                      61) That Old Houdini Magic
                      62) Straight From The Heart
                      63) A Change Of Heart
                      64) Riot's Hope
                      65) A Father Should Be...

                      Also, if anyone has.. I'm looking for a cartoon series called the Blinkins (yeah.. remember those?? heh..) and the muppet babies cartoon where they did star wars a new hope, and the one with indiana jones & the temple of doom.. thankies..

                      I have things to trade. Several muppets movies, my little pony, carebears, He-Man season 1..

                      If I said something I shouldn't, I'm sorry. It's my second post here since I discovered this amazing site last night ops:

                      long live the toons of our childhood!!

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                        Hi, Does anyone have the rare GPK Cartoon for sale or trade? I have only heard of this once before and would love to know if this really exists. I have the My Pet Monster "Live Action" video for trade.
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                          What I want:

                          -disney afternoon taped off tv
                          -nickelodeon thanksgiving special
                          -old disney specials
                          -tenko and thr guardians of the magic (was on fox kids)
                          -hey dude
                          -saturday morning stuff
                          -jem taped off tv, or the vhs releases
                          -pretty much any 80s cartoon off tv w/ commercials
                          (i'm addicted lol, no wonder I study advertising)
                          -old disney channel stuff
                          (especially if its got any spiffy old bumpers)
                          -strawberry shortcake
                          -sailor moon, DIC dub (like when it was on usa and toonami)
                          -anything old from late 80s til late 90s or even current stuff tapped off tv from Japan
                          ( a little obscure but hey why not throw it out there)

                          What I Have
                          most of these are just vhs taped I've gathered various places but some of them are tapped off tv w/ old commericals, I'll mark them with a *.
                          -Gummi bears, but tapped from a later 1998/99 toon disney showing*
                          -CBS Sat. morning line-up w/ pee-wee, Alf cartoon, garfield.*
                          -Disney's totally minnie special 1987/88? *
                          -Mickey's 60th birthday NBC 1988*
                          -Magical world of disney dumbo (late 80s)*
                          -Christmas in the Northwest from 1989*
                          (you'd only know it if your local)
                          -Adventures in wonderland from disney channel*
                          - Various christmas specials al from late 80s:
                          Casper chrstmas*
                          Yogi Bear Christmas*
                          -Mickey's Christmas Carol w/ rescuers down under behind scenes special promo*

                          -The making of the little mermaid-hosted by alyssa milano*

                          Various collected videos (not tapped from tv)
                          -pound puppies
                          -strawberry shortcake
                          -maple town
                          -teenage mutant ninja turtles
                          -lady lovely locks
                          -tiny toons summer vacation
                          -Chip and Dale rescue rangers

                          More as I go through my collection.....
                          *That's it! I'm so gonna be like Angela Bower...except with better clothes.*

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                            I'm searching for any and all cartoons with Marvin the Martian making a guest appearance. These are some of the one's I've been looking for (though they are not limited to them)

                            Tiny Toons: Duck Dodgers Jr.
                            Animaniacs: Star Warners and Space-Probed
                            Taz-Mania: The Man from M.A.R.S.

                            Anyone have some or all of these episodes. It would be most appreciated!
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                              Does anyone have all episodes of Teen Wolf on DVDs from CBS with
                              original commercials?
                              Word Life.
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                                I'm looking for episodes of You Can't Do That On Television from '79 (Which I've never seen before) to '85. I have a website for anyone who wants to trade with me:

                                Jabar's Video Shop
                                  • 13 years 4 months ago
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                                  Here is my lists.

                                  Have List

                                  Hogans Heroes 3/4 of an episode taped off TBS
                                  (4) Off WSBK (UPN in Boston)

                                  M*A*S*H (2)

                                  St. Elsewhere (1)

                                  War of the Worlds (1)

                                  The Honeymooners (1)

                                  Flintstone Kids: (Missing end credits) *Original Broadcast from ABC!*

                                  Ronald Reagans State of the Union Adress (87/88 )

                                  Love Me, Love Me Not (From the USA Network's Game Show Block from 88 )

                                  Play The Percentages

                                  Jackpot! (USA Version)

                                  Update #1

                                  The Fantastic 4


                                  Johnny Quest (Old Version)

                                  Cartoon Network Christmas Party 95

                                  Caspers First Christmas

                                  The Smurfs Christmas Special

                                  Tis the Season to be Smurfy

                                  Looney Tunes: Along Came Daffy, Acrobatty Bunny, Baby Bottleneck, Hold the Lion Please, Stage Door Cartoon, Jack-Wabbit & The Beanstalk.

                                  Two Stupid Dogs

                                  Space Ghost: Coast to Coast

                                  Update #2

                                  Disneys The Prince & The Pauper Starring Mickey Mouse

                                  Capitol Critters *Premiere from 1991, original broadcast!*

                                  Family Matters Halloween Special 97 *Original CBS Broadcast!*

                                  Goosebumps- *No Commercials*
                                  The Cuckoo Clock of Doom
                                  The Girl who cried Monster
                                  Welcome to Camp Nightmare Parts 1 & 2
                                  The Phantom of the Auditorium

                                  Thats all I have at this time, I had planned to include My Pup named Scooby Doo Collection taped on Halloween 98 but when I checked my tape, it was taped over . So yeah, thats all I have now.

                                  Want List

                                  Classic Concentration

                                  Double Dare (NOT the Nickelodeon Version, the 1976 CBS version with Alex Trebek as the host)

                                  The Price is Right (ONLY Hour long shows from 1975-1995 unless they are half-hour long syndicated episodes with ONLY Bob Barker or Tom Kennedy hosting)

                                  Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour

                                  Voltron (Lion Version)

                                  The Smurfs

                                  Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers


                                  Heathcliff (ONLY Caddilac Cats Version)

                                  The Racoons

                                  The Charlie Brown & Snoopy Show

                                  St. Elsewhere


                                  Sale of the Century (Jim Perry Version)

                                  Super Mario Bros Super Show

                                  Bobby's World


                                  Eek the Cat (Preferably Eek Stravaganza)

                                  Creepy Crawlers (ONLY eps after Kamantis joins)


                                  Shows that are Bolded are my Most Wanted and am looking for those shows the most.

                                  VHS format ONLY and I want commercials on ALL tapes. I prefer all shows to be from their original broadcasts, will accept reruns UNLESS they are reruns from 2000-Present.

                                  Sorry about my ground rules but I am really that picky.

                                  PM me or e-mail me if you are interested .
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                                    would love if someone could help me find some roundhouse episodes vhs or dvd
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                                      my wants list.

                                      any episodes of are you afraid of the dark,
                                      any episodes of fraggle rock,
                                      any episodes of eurika's castle,
                                      any eps of ren & stimpy,
                                      any eps of doug,
                                      any eps of denver the last dinosaur,
                                      any eps of goosebumps,
                                      any eps of freakazoid,
                                      any eps of heathcliff,
                                      any eps of camp candy,
                                      any ep of the angry beavers,
                                      any eps of goof troop,
                                      any eps of darkwing duck,
                                      any eps of rocko's modern life,
                                      any eps of salute your shorts,
                                      any eps of aahhh real monsters,
                                      and any and all nicktoons with comercials from the early 80's to 1999,
                                      all tapes with or without commercials(I'd preefer with).

                                      my for trade list, all of the following are in vhs format.
                                      a couple of tmnt tapes(burger king kids club tapes).
                                      goosebumps the haunted mask.
                                      captain kangaroo's fun with baby animals
                                      and that's it for now, this list will be updated soon.
                                      cool, death by stereo! :The lost boys

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                                        to add to my for trade list I just found a tape with the movies locked up, road house, there's also another movie but I can't remember the name right now, then a football game from 1990 (the browns @ the buffalo bills and the browns actually won.) then there's a comercial and a half then it goes to static on my vcr the movies worked alright but in some parts of the movie locked up are snowed out (but it only lasts for a few seconds then it;s fine.( on a side note the movies were taped from tv back in either 1989 or 1990 and have no comercials unfortunately ).
                                        cool, death by stereo! :The lost boys

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                                          What i got Very first season of TMNT
                                          A few other episodes

                                          C.O.P.S - Selected Episodes

                                          The real Ghost busters- a few episodes
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