Thread: What is the earliest age you remember of your childhood?

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    I remember being 5 years old and going to kindergarten.

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      I can remember back to 1.5 years old. That would be very late February 1988.
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        I recall about 1 1/2 years old. I remember our old apartment we lived in until I was about 2. I recall being in the backyard, playing with a ball that had letters and numbers on it, it was dark pink, and the Tornado Sirens went off. It would have been June 1981 when a tornado went through a suburb just 2 miles north of us and took the roof off of a (then) big mall.

        I remember very distinct things, such as sitting outside my aunt's bedroom at my grandma's house (she'd have been in high school) and yelling 'cause I couldn't come in and sit in her bean bag chair and play with her pom poms. This would be around '81 still. I remember sitting in the back of my grandma's car, with leather interior scalding my chubby little legs, going with gramma to pick up grandpa from work, listening to a radio with metal buttons you pushed in to change the station.

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          • 12 years 16 days ago
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          I destinctively remembered year 3 of my life when I saved a big mentally retarded elderly old man from killing himself by drinking Clorox Bleach. Damn that guy was huge. I forgot how I saved 'em though it's in my old record book my mom keeps away from me. >.<
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            I remember falling and knocking out my 2 front teeth when I was 2.

            Waiting for hrs and hrs and hrs for my younger sister to be seen at the hospital ER cause she was running a high fever again I was 2 she was under a year old.

            When my parents picked me up from the sitters after they got my younger sister from the hospital after her head surgery. She had just turned 1 and looked goofy with her head all bandaged up. I wasn't quite 3 yet then.

            Those are my earliest memories.
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              Basically just running around the hills and woods with my friends and just being a kid something that todays kids aren't allowed to be.
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                I remember probably as far back as 3, and I was born in 1983. I actually remember seeing the video for Material Girl by Madonna on Muchmusic, in 1986. And I still remember colouring on the walls of me and my brother's room and also colouring the hall with crayons, around 3 or 4. At 4, I remember my brother knocking the TV over in the rec room because Sesame Street was on and he wanted to watch Frugal Gourmet. We watched a lot of PBS back then, no PBS-watching now.

                I still have and use the TV my brother knocked over. It still works fine (The picture got too dark a few times, just last week, but I've had no other problems with it.) and it's in my room (the one we used to share that we coloured the walls of). So, it's pretty much a 20+ year old TV.
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                  3rd Birthday, Dairy Queen.
                  I dont remember eating any Ice-cream but I do remember Hot Wheels and ALOT of Army Men.
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                    Mine's about age 2 when I fell off the trash can. We live in Atlanta back then which was the early 80's and we were one of the first house in the subdivision and there were still racoons that were rumming around getting into trashcans and making a mess so my Dad who was in construction back then built these wooden containers to keep them out, unfourtunatly he didn't expect his 2yr old to try and climb up it.
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                      • 12 years 15 days ago
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                      I have a startingly detailed memory. I can remember all the way back to when I was one and two, even a little bit before then when I was a baby. One of the VERY earliest memories I have is crawling around on our newly carpeted floor in my parents' bedroom as a baby. Another early memory was in 1989, when I was 2, I vaguely remember a Christmas party my family went to. I remember the present I got in some sort of gift exchange (some fuzzy purple doll) and how disappointed I was! LOL.
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                        • 12 years 14 days ago
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                        Probably about 5-6 years old (I'm almost 22 now)
                          • 12 years 13 days ago
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                          I have some playing in the playpen memories and remember falling down the stairs when I was 1 or 2 when I crashed through the stairway blocker thing with my rolly chair. But those are hazy (wonder why). I have some age 3 memories from my preschool birthday party (Ninja Turtle goody bags of course) to the San Francisco earthquake of 1989 just 3 days before I turned three. I remember the panic quite well. I was still in school when the quake struck but thankfully it didnt hit our area too badly.
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                            • 12 years 11 days ago
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                            The earliest age I remember my childhood was about 3 or 4, just before my sister was born in 1987. I was born in 1983. I have no memories of my first or second house. I remember going to preschool for the first time (circa 1986). I slightly remember the day my sister was born.
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                              I say at least 1 or 2 because I remember watching Bob Barker at nightime and his hair was dark brown, Could of been the 86 special. I also when I was a kid I remember one day Bob was dark hair then the next day he became white headed and I swear I've been Bob Barker with a dark gray hair color when I was a kid.
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                                • 12 years 4 days ago
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                                I can remember 5 easily, but 3 and 4 are kinda vague. I can remember watching nick jr before i started school. I also remember i was introduced to the price is right when i started kindergarden. And i remember my classroom in prek and kg exaclty how they looked like.
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                                  • 12 years 4 days ago
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                                  The earliest I can remember is playing at my Grandpas house in Houston when I was 2 or 3. He had this little yellow plastic pool that he got for us that on the side it had this fountain thingy that spotted out water. It was fun playing around in it a lot and getting splashed by the fountain. I also remember watching the Ghostbusters cartoon and TRYING to play SMB, though very faintly. Needless to say, my mom used to say I was the little nudiest.
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                                    • 12 years 3 days ago
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                                    My memory goes back as far as 2, possibly even 1. When I was 2 years old, my family moved from central California to Oklahoma.

                                    I have a startling memory of a busy intersection in Fresno, California, where there was a Toys-R-Us and a Firestone shop. The asphalt looked very black so I'm guessing it had been resurfaced recently. I even remembered the name of the street: Blackstone Avenue. Recently I thought maybe it was something I had dreamed up, so I went to Google Maps and looked to see if there was a Blackstone Avenue and there was. O_o

                                    I also have a memory of being in a crib in a dimly lit room with white walls and sand-colored carpet. (I guess I was supposed to be napping.) There were pictures hanging near me on the wall and I used to take them down and look at them. One of them was in a white frame and the back of it was black plastic. This memory may or may not be real, because I'm not sure my mom would have hung pictures by my crib where I could reach them...
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                                      • 12 years 2 days ago
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                                      Hmm... Well, I remember that I was few months old back in 1982, I first watched "DOH" a little that time I was a baby.

                                      I remember the day of August 1985, my parents brought my kid sister home from her birth that I met my new sister in the morning. After my sister was born, I entered preschool weeks later at age 3.

                                      On January 1987 before I turned 5 in March, I was a kindergeten 4 1/2 year old kid that I came home from school that my parents informed me about my grandpa died that I cried. Months later on October 1987, I was 5 years old that time, I was playing with my oldest half brother (b. October 2nd, 1970) for baseball then I saw my dog ran to the highway then I remember that the car or truck hit him on my dog's side and fell across our neighbor's lying there then I was shocked then my dad ran to get him and I remember that he had cleaned the blood on it's side but its gross then later died, I was crying at my house where I grew up.

                                      1985 and 1987 are easily to remember for me most but 1987 is easily to remember my worst memory of what happened.
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                                        Probably about the time my younger brother was born just before I turned 4. Even then, things are pretty hazy for a couple of years.
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                                          3 year old.
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