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    Just thought I'd throw this out there....

    I have a section on my site that's full of cute avatars I made. Lots of totally random 80s 90s stuff. So if anyone wants to use them, my all means, help yourself. But they're all 100x100 and here you can only use 80x80 so if you need any help resizing them, just ask and I can do it in a jiffy.

    Also if you want to take any blanks and mess around with then (add text or whatever) that's fine as well.
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      I've been to your site before and I think it's pretty cool that you made all of those costumes. You seem to be a rather creative person. Those avatars are pretty neat as well.
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        I have a question about avatars. If you may or may not know, my avatar is the head of the centipede from the 1981 arcade game "Centipede" I have its picture on my harddrive but I couldn't get a good picture of its head under 6 kb without it looking all pixaly the way it does. At first I said, "oh well" but I noticed a lot of you have nice smooth looking avatars and some that even move. What I'm wandering is, how do I get a 80 by 80 pixeled picture that is over 200 kb, when it shouldn't be, down to 6kb without ruining the quality?
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          cool icons, I like the anime ones best.
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