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    Does anyone remember the HBO short films from the late 70's early 80's that they showed in between long movies. I believe they were called HBO Short Takes. Shorts like "Hardware Wars" and "Closet Cases of the Nerd Kind". I'm trying to find the one where film or video tape comes to life and eats some guy. Does anyone remember this? I remember I was real young when I saw it and it scared me to death! I'd love to find out the name of it or get a copy of it on tape or dvd if anyone has it.

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      I loves those! I also remeber seeing the Fish Heads" video. I also remember the one about the film eating the guy. Scared the hell out of me! It rolled over him and just left his clothes!
      You can Harware Wars on DVD here

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        Yep, I remember that one......where the movie tape or video tape goes down the hall and eats the guy.

        Hardware Wars and Closet Cases of the Nerd Kind were both done by Ernie Fossilus and can be found on VHS called "Hardwaer Wars and Other Strangeness". Also, they even released a special DVD of Hardware Wars that has updated CGI graphics, spoofing what George Lucas did for his Star Wars Special Edition re-release

        Both are still hilariously funny.....I love it when they're in that biker bar and the camera pans around and all of a sudden amidsts this sea of weirdos in a bar you see "Ham Salad and Choochilla, the wookie monster" just sitting there

        Cracks me up every time..
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          I found a website that sells closet cases of the nerd kind. I am not sure however if it is reputable. I found the site about 6 months ago and it is still there. it costs with shipping, $47.00 here is the link...
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            Pyramid is the name of the company that put out the film, or produced it, or owned the rights to it..I forget.

            Better to search ebay for: Hardware Wars and Other Strangeness, its got that, plus the original Hardware Wars, plus Porklips Now....another spoof short film, this time on Apocalypse Now (funny too). I dont think Porklips was ever shown on HBO's. I saw it for the first time on the video I mention above when I rented it in the late 80's.
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              I have the "audio" of the Audio tapeeater and some others but I would like to find better.

              I recal one short where this guy needed some pills to either to speed up/ slow down he after taking them he was normal but the world was going by in fast motion til he grabed a clock tower hand and was thrown to his death miles a way into the sky.

              Another one was three claymations shorts...

              one: was "Mountain Music" where a band kept evoltuing till the volcano in the back exploded

              two: the "Museium" a bum walks into a closed museium where he is caught by a foundation and turn into one of the museium's stautes

              three : Remeber the actor boss from 9 too 5 ? He was doing a standup and it was cute.

              Any help would be good? email me. no spamm!
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                The name of the short film is "Recorded Live". It was a student film of S S Wilson, who went on to make Tremors. AND the good news - it is a bonus feature on the DVD of "Tremors 4"!! In all it's grainy glory. NOTE: there is a "Tremors Attack pack" set of DVDs with all 4 films. "Recorded Live" is NOT on the attack pack version.

                Have fun!

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