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    What a necrobump!

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      Quote by thecrow174
      What a necrobump!

      Well, what's the point of creating a new duplicate thread?
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        Let me explain first- I'ma collector.i'm 58 almost 59..through the years i've collected stuff like (the50's)the The Three D's ,Margie Rayburn and The bumps Blackwell Orchestra ,The Ames Brothers,etc..I actually remember the tv show,"December Bride"./I have every single King Crimson LP released beginning with Court Of The Crimson King to their last. I have stuff like Lynn Anderson's first LP on Chart Records to all of Glenn Campbells LP's.and everything in between.I have a huge collection of 70's artists all on vinyl-Same with the 60's -Kris Jensen including.//I have Metallica,Blondie,Garth Brooks and everything inbetween ,..My apartment looks like a CD and record store from one side to the other-If it was popular i probably own it..the exceptions would be rap and hip hop and R&B. ./the 80's in my opinion wins hands down! More versatility-that's not true of today's music at all-in the 80's there were debbie gibson,psychedelc furs,Erasure,Omd,Michael/Janet Jackson,and metallica all being played on one radio station.That versatilty does NOT exist on any playlist at any one radio station now days.Today there's a radio station for each catagory.That existed in the 80's as well,but for the most part, the rock stations that played current pop and rock hits were versatile in what they played.i collect 80's music videos and now have several thousand.I was surprised to find when watching them,that i'd forgotten so many existed and so many i don't remember at all.when compared to today's music and music videos(21st century in general),they're way more awesome.the songs did not all sound the same as so many do now days.a lot of my collection covers the 90's as well and the early to mid 90's had groups that were 80's inspired,like Roxette, Pearl jam,Sixpence none the richer,alanis morissette,Meredith Brooks, i'm definitely with the 80's as being the best decade in music..and today?xandria,evanescence,tristania,Within Temptation to name a few.
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          This is obviously a subjective question but for me it's between the 80s and 90s. The 80s was bigger than life and the music videos for the songs were awesome as well. It's just a shame that I was born in 1986 because I couldn't fully experience the 80s. I was a 90s kid all the way from a very early age I jumped into the culture. Music from the 80s always brought me back to a time I never knew but life back in the 80s seemed more real to me even if it was bigger than life compared to the more experimental and loony 90s when people just started acting weird with all their tattoos, piercings because of the culture shift. I know this stuff was prevalent in the 80s too but it wasn't out in the open like it was in the 90s. As far as pure music I think the 80s may have had the edge, but the 90s is the time I lived through and experienced the music when it was brand new. Seriously, the 80s and 90s were the best for music or pop culture in general.
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            80s hands down ....
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