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    I wish i was born in the early 80' older than that lol, 1987 was a good year is 1989, 1989 is like the 90's in a way.
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      I turned 11 in 1989. It was the year I Finished Weblos and started Boy Scouts. (worst regret of my life is not going for Eagle) Went to my first year of scout camp at Camp Firelands, OH. Saw Ghostbusters II in the theater twice. Started Middle School. My wife started High School. (we didn't meet for 12 more years, though.

      Yes whippersnappers, I'm old.
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        I wish I was born in 1946. I could've protested on how the disabled were treated and help eliminate segregation and be a hippie.
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          I was born on October 9, 1986, so I will be 21 in two short days! I wish sometimes that I had been born in the early 80s, at least two years earlier, so that I could have experienced more of the 80s. But I generally like being born in 86 because I got to watch some of the great 80s cartoons and children's shows in reruns (Care Bears, Fraggle Rock, My Little Pony) and also got to witness firsthand the great peace and prosperity that came over our country in the 90s (and the great cartoons (NICKTOONS!), music, and movies that came along with it.) I also got to experience and grow up with the emergence of computers, which when I look over it is phenomenal to say the least.

          My parents videotaped me in those days, wearing my pink Reebok shoes and watching Fraggle Rock on TV when I was 1 year old and sucking my baba.

          I'd like to visit the early 80s, just to satisfy my curiosity, but I'd love to go back to the early to mid 90s. Some of the best days of my life.
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            I was born in 78.

            I have alot of memories of the 80's, and it seems like there was just alot of stuff to do for a kid. There was so much to get into..

            -Alot of popular toys. Everyone was into the same thing...transformers, gi joe, mask, he man, mid 80's to late 80's, baseball cards,

            -There were alot of themes to get into - pop music, cyndi lauper, and the whole music scene.

            -Sports were very popular. You only had 4 big sports, you didnt have x games, snowboarding, etc.

            -video games. Everybody had a nintendo. Its not like it is now where kids might have 5 or 7 different systems (the 3 big consoles, plus computer/online, virtual worlds, the handhelds). You weren't normal if you didnt have a nintendo back then. Did Sega Genesis come out about 89? People were skeptical of that system at first. It was all nintendo, and maybe atari (or arcade games)

            -movies. Everybody was into the same movies. When I think of "80's movies"....spaceballs, goonies, ghostbusters, big trouble in little china and a few others defined the decade for me.

            89 was a big year in baseball, a big year if you were into collecting cards. There were a ton of hot rookies that year..Greg Jeffries, Jim Abbott, Griffey, Mark Grace, etc. And the other sports started to catch up (beckett started producing price guides for football, basketball, hockey then).

            The gameboy and simpsons started about that time. I think 89/90.

            And all the great cartoons and shows back then. Saturday mornings were a dream. I think in 89 I was into the little rascals alot on sat morning. And wrestling came on at 12 pm. The old wwf one hour shows, that had 45 minutes of nobody matches and then one good match at the end.

            Then I'd try and tune into a channel that didnt come in, it was snowy, black and white, and try to see uwf wrestling (remember steve "dr death" williams, general skandar akbar, big bubba rogers). Those guys ruled. That was late 80's...maybe 87, 88?
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              Boy, I'm really the old grandma here. I was born in 1973 and I do remember everything. I'm really glad I never took anything for granted and paid close attention to everything that was going on around me. I guess that's why I hang out at this site. Makes me a rock star at Trivial Pursuit, especially the 80's editions. Sometimes I'm so retro I even scare myself.
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                I think that the main thing people think about 1989 is Tim Burton's "Batman." Did anyone see it within the first three days? According to my Media Arts teacher, who used the movie as an example about treatment and script writing, there was harsher language and a rough sex scene with Bruce and Vicki.
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                  Bleach was released and so was Doolittle - The Pixies
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                    Quote by Retro
                    My favorite year of all time! I was born in 1978, so I have very fond memories of 1989.

                    I was ten, going on eleven, and the Super Mario Bros. Super Show Debuted on the USA Network and I watched it RELIGIOUSLY after a class mate of mine told me about it.

                    My family and I moved from Hawaii to Arizona that year. In fact, I remember the hotel, room number and day we flew from Hawaii. It was on Thursday, October 19th, 1989 and we were at the Waikiki Resort Hotel, in room 2009. YAY! ROOM 2009 will always be a part of my cherished childhood.

                    I got a Nintendo Entertainment System (8 Bit) on by 11th Birthday that year and we celebrated my birthday at my maternal grandparents' house before we headed off to Arizona.

                    Good times, good times.

                    I've heard of remembering old TV shows and songs from way back when, but the HOTEL and room number you stayed in was a both a stroke of brilliance and shocking to me.

                    As for 1989, I will say it was a good year. I too turned eleven. I remember when Family Matters first debuted that year, although it wasn't until I was almost thirteen that I got into wearing suspenders (which, truthfully was inspired by Mork and Mindy when it aired on Nick at Nite, back in 1991 and certainly NOT Steve Urkel of Family Matters) with my slacks and long sleeve (casual?) dress shirts. Yeah, I was a weird kid. While every other kid in middle school was into Parachute Pants and MC Hammer style haircuts, with their names shaved on the back of their heads, I was into Dockers Slacks, Long Sleeve Dress Shirts and a pair of Stretchy Elastic Suspenders instead of a belt since I thought (and still think) that belts were (and still are) overused, overworn and overrated. Hell, I was constantly picked on and earned the Nickname Urkel because of it. ...And do you know what?? Although I'm rearing 30 and the ridicule of middle school and high school is behind me, I still like dressing up in slacks, long sleeve dress shirts and stretchy elastic suspenders because I think THAT'S far cooler than dopey parachute pants and having my name shaved on the back of my head.
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                      Born in 83' here, I consider myself a 73' model, reissued in 83', as my tastes are almost 100% 70's, 80's, and 90's stuffs (music, games, technology, cars). I like the period I was in, though I could have done with a little less of the back stabbing and mean-ness starting to come around in the late 80's. I dunno why, but 1985 on back always seemed to be better times, much nicer, more real.
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                        Born in 1983, I kinda wish I could have started back 10 years, and lived through the eras of Atari 2600, Van-Halen, The Cars, and got my license when there were still things I wanted to do and see that I can think of in less than a second or twos time.

                        As for 1989 I was........
                        - 6 Years Old
                        - In First Grade
                        - Saw Honey I Shrunk The Kids with my childhood friends
                        - Hung out with said friends just about every waking moment
                        - Watching The Real Ghostbusters and Pole Position on TV
                        - Still watching Muppet Babies
                        - I Conquered my lifelong fear of Pee Wee Herman (yes, Pee Wee scared me)
                        - Got into Monster Trucks
                        - Got my first game system for Christmas, a second hand Atari 2600
                        - Got a TV Set in my room, and conqured my fear of ghosts coming out of it
                        - Finally split the front tire of my Big Wheel
                        - Started trying for an IBM PS/2 via Book It, and thought it would be "mine"
                        - Saw Ernest Goes To Camp and Gremlins as well
                        - Watched Hey Vern, It's Ernest
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                          I was 11 in 89.

                          I really don't remember anything from that year other than New Years Eve.

                          I suppose it really wasn't that exciting of a year for me.
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                            I believe it was the year that I learned to ride a bike.

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                              It was the year "Beetlejuice" premiered on ABC.I didn't see it until it went into reruns on Nickelodeon.I LOVED it!!!STILL DO!!!FUNNIEST cartoon EVER!!!!
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                                i was born in 88 so i was really to late for the 80's but i did catch the 90's
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                         1989 I was six years old. We moved from our old house into a trailer that year. I started watching Nick Jr. that year, I think. I remember watching it before afternoon kindergarten.

                                  Sometimes I kinda wish I had been born a few years earlier, but I don't think I'd change it if I had the chance.
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                                    1989 was a good year i was 9 years old at the time i was born in the bridgeport nieghborhood of chicago i use to love it there my mind always goes back in time
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                                      Ted Bundy was executed in may of 1989.
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                                        I was born in 1984, so I was four or five years old back then. I started going to a daycare center to meet other children. I really loved things like Barbapapa.
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                                          Like a lot of others here, I was also 11 in 1989. What I remember from that year:

                                          1) Batman. Everyone owned a Batman t-shirt. I had two or three.
                                          2) Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Awesome movie.
                                          3) The Simpsons Christmas Special.
                                          4) On a more personal note, that was the year someone stole my mint condition 1984 Donruss Don Mattingly rookie card, with a book value at the time of $90. (Though a couple of years later I'd find out it was a fake. Big deal to me at the time, though.)
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