Thread: Old SEGA Genesis Commercial, anyone have it ?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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    I don't know if anyone remembers the Sega Genesis commercial about the Kirby game? In the commerical, a guy is in a restaurant eating and eating, etc.... Anyway, scenes of him eating are spliced with scenes of kirby using his NEW power, the vacuum mode. Well, when the fat guy got to the green jello, he (off camera!) exploded all over a dark red brick wall in green slime. Then the tell tale fast voice says "SEGA". I have been looking all over the net for this clip. I only saw it twice because, I found out later, it was banned by some parents group. That thing was the funniest!

    Anyway, the commercial was played along the time where an NHL SEGA game was advertised where a guy (in a lab coat) keeps looking into a guy's ear on a table and seeing NHL games. That one lasted longer.

    Can anyone help me out? Does anyone know where it is or where I can download it?
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      Does anyone have a Sega Genesis commercial........about Kirby......your memory might be mixed up with something because Kirby was made by Nintendo and is only for Nintendo. Sega and Nintendo did not work together back then, so you must be thinking of an Nintendo commercial.
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      And no, sorry I dont have or know where you can find it.
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        Mabey it wasn't about Kirby. I know that is it a Nintendo only character. I never had a genesis or NES or SNES because of my parents. I finally got a PSX in the summer of 2000. Yeah, I was behind many years of game playing, but now there are emulators that fill the empty void. Anyway, I am correct about the guy eating and eating till he explodes. Can anyone help????
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          I'm looking for the exact same commercial; have been for a very, very, longtime. I remember mentioning it to one other person that kinda vaguely remembered it. I do remember that it was very short-lived. I only saw it once or twice as well. I can't remember what the game was. I was gonna say like "Toe Jam and Earl".
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            Hmm Deja Vu!


            BTW this was my very 1st post/reply!!
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