Thread: what do you collect?

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    Quote by Dr
    Star Wars toys all the way. I have some old school transformers and DBZ stuff too. I also have alot of movie posters.

    Cheers to a fellow Star Wars toy collector

    I collect anything Star Wars that I can get my grimey, greedy little hands on lol and any music memorabilia (I think I spelled that right). Spawn action figures, comic superhero action figures, video game action figures; lots of toys basically. I'm a seventeen-year-old girl with a room resembling that of a eight-year-old little boy's ops:
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      Well....I collect...

      NES games
      Super Nintendo games
      Nintendo 64 games

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        I collect mainly video games, from all systems I could get my hand on. (Now own Sega Master System, Sega Genesis, Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, Sega Nomad, Sega Game Gear, N-Gage, Gamecube, N64, X-box, PC.) with over 300 games in the collection.

        I also moderately collect movies, but I don't do that as much.
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          I think my personality kind of forces me into collecting things. I just can't stand throwing things away unless it's utter crap. I mean, I still have nearly all of my old Nintendo Power magazines. I never really collected them, per-se, but could never force myself to throw them out. Sure they're pretty beat up at the moment, but at times it's neat to go back and read them and remind myself of what life was like prior to the internet. Now, as for what I do have what I consider a "collection" of:

          1) Spider-Man Comic Books: I got into Spiderman as a young teenager around the time that Carnage was being introduced (ASM 361). I collected every issue of Amazing Spiderman from that time period through to the issue where Aunt May died. At that point, I lost interest in the confusing/crappy storylines and didn't feel like spending tons of money every month just to read an entire storyline. I liked The Green Goblin the most and have a bunch of issues from the 60's and 70's. I have no interest in getting back into the hobby, but if I ever won the lottery I'd get a copy of every issue of Spiderman, The Spectacular Spiderman, The Web of Spiderman, and The Amazing Spiderman.

          2) Topps Baseball Cards: I collect complete sets of Topps Baseball Cards from the year of my birth (1980) through the present. This includes the traded/extended sets and the parallel sets like the Gold ones. I own the following:

          1980-2005 Topps Complete Sets
          1992 Topps Gold and Topps Gold Winner Complete Sets
          1993 Topps Gold Complete Set
          1994 Topps Gold Complete Set
          1993-1994 Topps Black Gold Sets
          1995 Topps Cyberstats Complete Set
          1981-1995 Topps Traded Sets (Including 1992 Topps Traded Gold)
          1999-2000 Topps Traded Sets.
          2000 Topps Subway Series Complete Set.

          I also am putting together the insert sets for the McGwire/Sosa and Bonds Homerun Chases. Those aren't even close to being done yet and will take a while to finish. Here are the sets I still need to pick up:

          1991 Desert Shield Topps Set. (Not likely to ever get/afford)
          1993 Marlins Topps Set. (Again, not likely to ever get/afford)
          1993 Rockies Topps Set. (Ditto)
          1998 Devil Rays Topps Set. (Ditto)
          1998 Diamondbacks Topps Set. (Ditto).
          1998 Minted In Cooperstown. (Again, not likely to get/afford)
          2001-2005 Traded/Extended Sets. (Should get these eventually)

          In addition, I need to go and get the binders and pages to put all the cards in and then find the room to store them. 25 years worth of cards is a lot. heh.

          3) Coins: Collecting coins is an expensive hobby, so I decided to limit what I collect. I only collect coins that have been in circulation during my lifetime, or samples of coins made during 1880. (100 years before my birth.) So I am currently putting together collections of Lincoln Cents, Jefferson Nickels, Roosevelt Dimes, Washington Quarters, Kennedy Halves, Anthony Dollars, and Sacagawea Dollars. The collections include the normal circulation strikes as well as the proof coins. For all sets but the Dimes, Halves, and Dollars that collection is going to cost a pretty penny (no pun intended) as there are some VERY expensive coins in there. At this point in time I have only completed the Dimes set. I have one of every Roosevelt Dime they've minted including EVERY proof coin. That's pretty neat to say. Each year I just pick up the new issues and pop them into my Dansco Album. It's fun being able to look through and see every Roosevelt ever made. The great deal of the coins were pulled from pocket change so they aren't in ultra pritine condition, but that just allows me to upgrade them as time and money allows.

          For the 1880 collection, I am happy to say that I have the Indian Head Cent, all of the Morgan Dollars (P, S, O, CC), and a $5 Half-Eage from that year. To complete that collection will take a great deal of time and money so I only typically add one coin to it each year.

          3) The Elements Of The Periodic Table: This is my pride and joy, and most 'unique' collection. I went to college for a degree in Forensic Chemistry but was never able to get a job in the field. Still, chemistry is a love and passion of mine. I love everything about it and enjoy seeing it in action. One day while surfing around online I came across a webpage titled 'The Wooden Periodic Table Table'. It was made by a guy who built an actual wooden table in the shape of a periodic table and filled the slots with element samples. I thought it was the neatest thing on earth. I had a bunch of different metals in my coin collection and in random things around the house, but then I found E-Bay. On E-Bay I came across all kinds of pure elements as well as other people like myself who wanted to collect the elements on the periodic table. I found one seller who lives pretty close to me and also is a HUGE collector and quickly built up a good buyer/seller relationship. We've made numerous transactions and he's helped me complete my collection and I've shown him some ways of making the elements themselves.

          I've also been fortuneate to be at the right place at the right time to get certain elements. I was able to get my sodium, potassium, and red phosphorus from E-Bay before they cracked down on the sale of those things, and was happy to get ahold of my Uranium, White Phosphorus, Rubidium, Cesium, Arsenic, and various other elements from people who got ahold of me. In my collection, I have a sample of EVERY element that is not radioactive in it's pure form. (That's ALL elements from Hydrogen through Bismuth minus Promethium and Technetium). I also have multiple allotropes of elements that show allotropy (Phosphorus, Boron, Selenium, Carbon are a few examples). If you would like to see my collection, feel free to download it from This Link.
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            PEZ- i have literally thousands upon thousands. old. new. hundreds of different collectibles (old and new.)

            COMIC BOOKS- once again, literally thousands .. old and new.

            MAD MAGAZINES- hundreds all from 1950-1989.

            RETRO TOYS- tons- mork and mindy. six million dollar man. a-team. he-man. ghostbusters. ninja turtles. lunchboxes. boardgames. and MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MORE! ... basically, anything i can get my grubby paws on.

            RETRO GAME SYSTEMS- i have several, i recently just aquired a commodore 64. i also have- intellivision, pong, nintendo, atari and more..

            NON SPORTS WAX PACKS- i have tons- i'd say about close to a hundred. from WACKY PACKAGES and GARBAGE PAIL KIDS to GOOD TIMES and SUPERMAN the MOVIE.

            CRAPPY 80's/90's video cassettes- thousands. toxic avengers. new kids on the block. cheesy horror films. cartoons. etc. etc.

            CEREAL PREMIUMS 1940's-80's- i have buckets full. old decoder badges, little prizes, mail-ins, plush toys... etc. etc.

            hahahaha... i guess thats it..
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              Coins, tickets from places I've visited, shotglass, and just some toys from when I was younger, like pogs, pokemon things, and some old McDonald's toys.
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                I collect firskin bears, if anyone remembers those.
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                  sega genesis games!
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                    Boyds bears
                    Porcelain dolls
                    Stuffed E.T. dolls
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                      Some stuff i collect *pics*
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                        Anything Burger Chef. I have all the collector glasses, some translight signs, a tie, an apron, the Burger Chef marketing planner, the Burger Chef operators manuals (which includes how to make the menu items) and lots of cups, advertising, etc.
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                          Batman figures - mostly from the movies

                          Garbage Pail Kids, and Wacky Packages cards

                          2d fighting games - This comes even with collecting Batman
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                            I am a pretty serious NES game collector. I currently have 292 NES cartidges (no repeats) of varying rarity. I also have the rare Top Loading NES that came out in 1993 with two "dogbone" controllers. Amongst other things, one of the treasures in my collection is the rare unlicensed game Operation Secret Storm complete in box with instructions.
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                              I am also a Transformers Collector but I'm trying to go for the most recent line that being Cybertron. I have a few older Transformers from geewun and the beast era. I have an energon toy too.
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                                I mostly collect GI-JOE Toys and Batman Comics. My wife collects Star Wars Droids, and transformers.

                                EBAY IS CRACK-COCAINE! I never spent money on anything before I signed up to that site.
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                                  I collect anything dealing with Super Mario and/or the Nintendo Entertainment System
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                                    I think I may have posted on this thread back in the dark ages, but I'll do so again even if just to remind myself of what I am actually collecting these days.

                                    Video Games - mostly NES. I only buy boxed games with the manuals. I love to play the games, sure, but I enjoy having them complete. It's the action figure collector in me.

                                    Toys - this is the killer for my bank balance. I actively collect:

                                    - Hook
                                    - Jurassic Park
                                    - Star Wars (mostly POTF2 from the 90s, but also Episode I, and a little bit of ROTS.)
                                    - Dino Riders

                                    I also in general buy whatever cool loose or boxed/carded figures I can get my hands on cheap, but those four figure lines listed above are the ones I love most. With the costs of university and my action figure obsession, I'm eating Ramen noodles most nights.

                                    Comics - I collect anything Marvel from the 70s up to the 90s. The only reason I don't collect any earlier is that I'm not a millionaire. My favourite area of Marvel is the 'cosmic' characters, like the Silver Surfer, Captain Marvel, the Inhumans, Nova, Quasar, and so on. A bonus to collecting those is that they don't have the staying power of titles like Spider-Man and the FF, so it's pretty easy to put together complete runs, unlike 500+ issue series.

                                    That's about it, I guess. I also collect Star Wars "Expanded Universe" literature, and I'm what you'd call a diehard completist. That means not only books and comics, but every single word or image that expands upon or adds to the saga in some way. A throwaway line on a cereal box from 1978 is just as important as a complete novel.
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                                      I collect basically anything I find interesting or amusing. Here's some things I would say I actually collect...

                                      Star Wars- I still have everything from when I was a kid and now that I can afford it, I buy things off of eBay from time to time.

                                      G.I. Joe- I still have many of the toys from when I was a kid. Sadly, several of the figures fell prey to BB guns years ago.

                                      Transformers- Again, still got 'em. The prize would be my G1 Optimus Prime that I still have the complete box with, as well as Soundwave with the box.

                                      He-Man- Still have all these too. Haven't made an effort to get any new stuff but will hang onto the old ones as long as I can.

                                      Vinyl- I started collecting records about 10 years ago when I got into DJing. I've since quit DJing but continue to collect records. Mostly stuff like Metallica, Motley Crue and any other 80's metal bands or 90's alternative stuff.

                                      I've got all kinds of other toys like Simpsons, TMNT, MASK and many others. I don't think I'll ever be able to part with them. I recently got a display case so I can finally show off my collection properly.
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                                        I started getting into Mad in 2004 when I bought the clay Prisoner of Azkaban cover. I've got every issue since then, and I've purchased some vintage Mads and an old Mad board game on eBay. I currently have a subscription to Mad Classics and Mad Kids as well as regular Mad and I plan on renewing my subscriptions for each mag as long as Mad runs them.

                                        Universal stuff
                                        Yep, Universal stuff. I have some old Pizza Hut E.T. glasses, USF(Universal Studios Florida) and IOA (Islands of Adventure) maps, USF and IOA pins, USF and IOA passholer newsletters, a few Cat in the Hat dolls (the movie), etc. Wether it be the Universal theme parks or Universal movie merchandise, I want it.

                                        Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards
                                        Yeah, maybe it's uncool for teens, but I like collecting them and playing the games. (well, not Pokemon but I play Yu-Gi-Oh)

                                        I have an NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Turbograft, Atari 2600, and an old Gameboy. All of these old consoles, excluding the Gameboy and Sega Genesis, work perfectly. I also have games and controllers for every system.
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                                          I try to collect Kids Discover magazines. I used to collect Teen Newsweek magazines.

                                          That's what I collect.
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