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    Space Quest.. ahh yes who could ever forget the endless hours spent beating it over and over to to get all the points for a total score. this game and this series was most definatley AWESOME and nothing could replace it the sights the ohh so complex thought process that you had to go through just to realize something simple as hey I can pick that crowbar up... from that this game perplexed gamers in such a way we don't see anymore this game was also hilarious oh so hilarious. Actually when it was thought up the two guys from andromeda wanted to make a king's quest like game but stick some humor into it and make it well stupid (not so literal with that)... anyways ON WITH THE STORY!

    Space Quest I: The Sarien Encoutner

    The game begins as our hero (name is actually not known until later in the series) is awoke from a nap in the broom closet to find THE ship has been attacked by sariens and they steal the powerful star generator onboard his ship Roger must now survive a crash landing on a desert planet Kerona and get the star generator back!

    Space Quest II: Vorhauls revenge

    Roger meets Vorhaul returns who because he's ticked you messed up his previous plans by returning the star generator technology to the right hands and he also discovers Sludge Vorhaul was part of the SARIEN ATTACK DUM DUM DUUUUM

    Space Quest III: The Pirates of Pestulon

    In this game it picks up literally where SQ II left off Roger is awoke from his cryogenic state to find out he was picked up by a garbage freightor Roger must now get out of there by fixing an old ship when he does he finds out a terminator like robot is after him and the two guys from andromeda have been ubducted by the CEO of a company called Scum Soft forcing them to make games so they make money ( I think a slogan of this game was ave the two guys from andromeda or there will be no more SPACE QUEST!)

    Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and The Time Rippers

    Roger is at a bar telling some peole of his famous adventures when he is asked to come outside. THEN ROGER FINDS OUT VORHAUL IS ALIVE!!! because his henchman pull out a hollogram but then several people save his life by attacking the croonies of Vorhaul and opening a time portal Roger must then get back to his current game (in this one he travels through SQ 12, 10, and 1 The funny part about that is when he goes back to SQ 1 the graphics r still the way they were when the game was made lol and he talks to several people and they laugh at him because his graphics are better than theirs)

    alright everyone

    (soon to come SQ 5 and 6) I might go on about SQ 7???? which was never made

    tell me what you think
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      Someone should definitely do an article about the 'Space Quest' games for Retrojunk. However, if you're going to do it I'd advise you to check your spelling, etc. and write about what your opinions are on each game.

      Oh, and it's Vohaul without an 'r'
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