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    I keep a little Art Blog. It's just a collection of stuff that I've done in the past as well as stuff that is current. Heck, I even throw doodles on there...

    It all about the Art!!

    "Phineas J. Whoopee, you're the greatest!"
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      aawww spam tastes so spammy
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        Quote by kingborg
        aawww spam tastes so spammy

        I don't know if this technically qualifies as spam.

        Other people have created threads for no other purpose than promoting their deviantart page, and the mods have left them alone.
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          Relax, it isn't malicious spam like the spambots.

          But we do frown on posting links to ones own site to get people to look at it. It's basically free advertising. And it is in the rules that we don't want threads where you basically post "Come see my site!" So I'm gonna say no to this one.

          Of course there's no significant harm done by you posting this and I would gladly see your artwork, but we do prefer that you post the artwork here if you want to show it. You can always have that link to your site in your signature so every time you post there's the same message as in this thread.

          ***And as a side note we're considering devart accounts as your site now, since they're a lot like a Myspace account. So any future threads with the subject of "check out my Devart account" will be locked as well.
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