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    I am in the process of composing a new article and this time it will be about one of my favorite topics, video games that is "bash em up" games in the style of Final Fight and Streets of Rage. Initially I was thinking of writing a FF versus SOR, but there already is such a topic on the message board.

    So what this article will be about is several games in that style that people may not be entirely familiar with (that's pretty much why I'm doing this) but that were also to an extent known and popular at their time.

    This probably won't be up for another 2 weeks or so but maybe I can get some suggestions on what games you'd like to see this article cover.
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      The Double Dragon series was always my favourite scrolling beat-em-up.

      I also liked the Simpsons and Turtles arcade games, if you'd count them. Kinda interesting how they adapt the genre to a franchise game.
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