Nike - Air and Hare Jordan (1990)

Clothing Commercial

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    TheJack Posted 8 years 6 days ago
    NO NO NO NO, this commercial was not bad for Michael Jordan, quite the contrary actually.....
    MJ and Bugs Bunny might very well be the greatest Real person/Animated character team ever.
    -Bob Hoskins and Roger Rabbit
    - Maybe some of the characters in Cool World
    -Some people would argue Steve and Blue even...

    But Bugs and MJ in my opinion....they were just a huge hit; they did so much together including a major film which I say is still one of the best full length Looney Tune movies ever ("Space Jam" for those who didn't know)
    This is going to sound bad, but hey, it's friggin' Michael Jordan......
    In this order, this is how Michael Jordan made 30 billion dollars...

    -The Chicago Bulls
    -Looney Tunes (Well this includes Time Warner, WB, Turner Brodcasting...everything he did with the company)
    -Coca Cola
    -The Washington Wizards....
    -Ball Park Franks

    Looney Tunes were actually big in his success. Mainly though because of everything he did with the Time Warner company.
    regroch Posted 9 years 8 months ago
    Signs your career is down the tube: That commercial. poor Micheal Jordan lol
    juz10 Posted 10 years 6 months ago
    and you wonder why so many kids from generation Y have ADD?
    coolglob Posted 10 years 9 months ago
    that dosent make scence
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