BBC 1 (UK) EastEnders - Stacey's Back! (2014)
This was BBC 1 (UK)'s Eastenders video promo for the week of February 3, 2014, about the return of Stacey (Lacey Turner).
BBC 1 (UK) EastEnders - Christmas 2012 Trailer (2012)
This was UK's BBC 1's Eastenders video promo for Christmas 2012
BBC 1 (UK) EastEnders - Christmas Day 2013 Trailer (2013)
This was the video promo about UK's BBC 1's Eastenders' Christmas Day video promo for Wednesday Evening, December 25, 2013
WBZ News 11PM - Everything at 11 Promo (2017)
This was WBZ-TV's WBZ News at 11's Everything at 11 video promo from late April 2017
Space Jam On VHS Ad (1997)
From 1997
BBC 1 (UK) EastEnders - ...Are Coming (1985)
This was BBC 1's EastEnders ...Are Coming video promo for Tuesday Evening, February 18, 1985.
Wax Trax Records/Play It Again Sam Records USA (1989)
It was taken from "Video Sampler 2".
SEGA Saturn: NiGHTS Into Dreams with 3D Controller (1996)
Sorry about the ugly old tape due to the picture issues. I'll find another video updated soon, or later. This may going against PSX.
Chuck E. Cheese's Ad - Rain, Rain (2002)
Rare CEC commercial circa 2002.
ITV (UK) Emmerdale Farm - String on Henry Wilks (1985)
This was ITV-TV's Emmerdale Farm video promo for Tuesday Evening, May 14, 1985
ITV (UK) Emmerdale - Andy's Plea Promo (2016)
This video promo was for Andy's plea for the episode of the British soap 'Emmerdale' to be seen for Thursday Evening, August 11, 2016 on UK's ITV.
ITV (UK) Emmerdale - Christmas 2014 Promo (2014)
This was ITV-TV's Emmerdale video promo for Christmas 2014
ITV (UK) Emmerdale - Robert's Murder for Hire (2015)
This was ITV-TV's Emmerdale video promo for the week of September 21, 2015
WKBW Come On Along with Channel 7 (1982)
This was Western New York's version of the ABC 1981-1982 National Fall campaign promo.
WKBW Now is the Time, Channel 7 is the Place - #2 (1981)
This is version 2 of this same video promo, from WKBW-TV in Buffalo.
WKBW Now is the Time, Channel 7 is the Place (1981)
This was WKBW-TV Buffalo's version of ABC's 1981-82 national fall campaign promo
WKBW You'll Love It on Channel 7 ident (1985)
This was WKBW-TV Buffalo's verison of the You'll Love It video ident from late 1985, in Western New York.
LCA - Stop Dog Meat PSA - Donna D'Errico (2016)
This PSA video commercial from late June 2016, had former Baywatch babe Donna D'Errico, talking about stopping dog meat.
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