Weather Channel - Mideast Weather (1990)
During the Crisis in the Gulf. from 1990.
Captain Planet back bumper with Gi (1990)
Taken from 1990.
Wallachs Going Out of Business Liquidation Sale (1992)
Network Music's Turbo Charged
The Weather Channel Promo on Prevue Guide (1989)
The infamous "Noah's Ark" commercial. Prevue Guide version. from 1989.
WCCB Cullie Tarleton & Joe King for Coats for Kids (1994)
Killer Tracks' The Unicorn by Home Federal Savings, The Salvation Army and Cunningham Cleaners, Inc.
WCCB Fox 7th Annual Cigna HealthCare Auction Ball (1994)
Killer Tracks' This One's Fun! sponsored by American Airlines.
AutoSports Suzuki 1st (1994)
Killer Tracks' Cybernetic Funk
BBC 1 (UK) Doctor Who - It's Almost Time Prono (2017)
This was UK's BBC1's Doctor Who's It's Almost Time video promo for July 16, 2017
BBC1 (UK) Doctor Who - Series 8 Launch Promo (2014)
This was UK's BBC1's Doctor Who's Series 8 Launch video promo for Saturday Night, August 23, 2014
BBC1 (UK) Doctor Who - Tonight Promo for 1/19/1985 (1985)
This was UK's BBC1's Doctor Who's Tonight video promo for January 19, 1985
CBET ID 1987 (1987)
from 1987.
KMart Canada (1994)
Meet the store managers. from 1994.
KMart Canada (1994)
The now-defunct Canada version of it's department store. from 1994
Quote O' Matic
  • Janet: Hey, I'm just trying to help! If you want to play "Let's Find Ms. Frizzle Without A Map" for the rest of your life, that's *fine* with me!

  • The Magic School Bus