Odyseey Network bumpers (1999)
Now the Hallmark Channel. from 1999.
Nostalgia Television Feature Presentation (1993)
What is now being known as Youtoo America, but better. from 1993.
The Broadway 1988 Swimsuit Sale (1988)
Taken from 1988.
The Broadway 1986 Swimsuit Sale (1986)
Taken from 1986.
Hollywood Tropicana in Ready for a Close Encounter (1988)
Network Music's Street Festival
KDAF Fox 33 Movie Bump (1991)
from 1991.
1996 KERA ID (1996)
Your Passport to the World. from 1996.
KDAF 33 Tuesday Movie Bump (1986)
During it's early days as a Fox O&O. from 1986.
KDFI "Hot TV" 27 ID (1996)
from 1996.
KDTN Channel 2 ID - Programs That Affect You (2001)
from 2001, one of the final years before a christian network affiliate.
PBS ID Fall 1991 (1991)
Rare variant to the 1989 3-D Glass Ident with an announcer saying "This fall on PBS."
Hostess Pudding Pies (1986)
New Chocolate Fudge filling! from 1986.
WPIX Sign-On (1986)
This was the early 1986 version of WPIX Channel 11's sign-on in New York
Joey McIntyre: Stay the Same Album at Circuit City (1999)
Taken from 1999 former New Kids on the Block pop group.
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