New York Lottery in Places (1999)
Taken from 1999.
M*A*S*H on KSTW in War Stops (1989)
Taken reruns from 1989.
KSTW Strange Encounters Wk Movie Promos 7/24-27/89 (1989)
The Doors' People Are Strange
Goin' South on KSTW Jest of the West Week (1989)
Network Music's Gila Bend Hoedown
Cheerios Commercial in Unsinkable Taste #2 (1984)
Another version of the Unsinkable Taste Of Cheerios song.
Cheerios Commercial in Unsinkable Taste #1 (1984)
Unsinkable tastes better over Kellogg's cereals.
Cartoon Network Next Bumper in Wrecking Ball (1999)
Aired during the end of "Sylvester vs. Tweety Big Game XXVII".
Golden Grahams Commercial in So Happy Together #2 (1988)
Another version of the "So Happy Together" song.
Golden Grahams Commercial in So Happy Together #1 (1988)
Sorry about the bad quality.
Operation Lifesaver with Roadrunner and Coyote (1987)
Make sure that cars do not stay on railroad tracks.
Street Fighter II V Trailer (2001)
Here is a trailer from Manga Entertainment.
Drug-Free America " The New Slavery" PSA (1991)
Make no mistake...Drug Abuse is the new slavery
Wrangler No-Fault (1976)
Taken from 1976.
WNBC NewsCenter 4 Promo with Marv Albert in YES!!! (1976)
Taken from 1976 with former New York Knicks on MSG/NBC/TNT/New Jersey (now Brooklyn since 2012) Nets on YES Network sportscaster.
Will Lee's Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Cart Wagon (1976)
Taken from 1976 former late Sesame Street actor and comedian.
Tuna Twist in What Makes (1976)
Taken from 1976.
Quote O' Matic
  • Dorothy Harris: Are you coming along?
    Young Forrest Gump: Mama said not to be taking rides from strangers.
    Dorothy Harris: This is the bus to school.
    Young Forrest Gump: I'm Forrest, Forrest Gump.
    Dorothy Harris: I'm Dorothy Harris.
    Young Forrest Gump: Well, now we ain't strangers anymore....
  • Forrest Gump