ABC Daytime General Hospital - Cute Couples promo (2017)
This was ABC Daytime's General Hospital week of July 31, 2017 promo on the cute couples.
Tri-Star Pictures Logo (Scope Version) (1984)
This is the scope version of the Tri-Star Pictures logo from 1984. It is ripped from the 4K Ultra HD release of "Labyrinth".
AMC Theatres Feature Presentation Bumper (1983)
This is the AMC Theatres feature presentation bumper from 1983.
WABC Ch.7 5PM EWN - Parking Hog! Promo for 2-8 (2018)
This promo for the upcoming Ch.7 Eyewitness News 5PM Newscast on 7 On Your Side: Parking Hog!
WABC Ch.7 EWN 5PM - 7OYSI: MI - Tomorrow Promo (2018)
This was a video of WABC Channel 7 Eyewitness News 5PM's 7 On Your Side Investigation: Mysterious Illnesses - Tomorrow promo for February 14, 2018
WCBS-FM 101 - Celebrating 15 Years... Commercial (1987)
At the time, original WCBS-FM in 1987, celebrated 15 years as New York's Oldies Station.
WCBS-FM 101 - New York Top 500 Countdown Ad (1985)
WCBS-FM was New York's Oldies Station at the time, had New York Top 500 Countdown for Thanksgiving Weekend of 1985.
Bulls-Eye Barbecue Sauce (1985)
This commercial had Gary Leffew in a cowboy hat.
Hunt's Barbecue Sauce w/Dick Van Dyke (1986)
This commercial had Dick Van Dyke in the same tv ad, 1986 style.
Hunt's All Natural Barbecue Sauce (1985)
Dick Van Dyke in the 1985 version of Hunt's Barbecue Sauce commercial.
Hunt's All Natural Barbecue Sauce (1983)
Dick Van Dyke in the Hunt's All Natural Barbecue Sauce from 1983.
WPHL Philadelphia is PHL17! Promo (2018)
This promo about Philadelphia is PHL17, the MyTV affiliate station.
Hunt's - Official Ketchup of Disney commercial (1986)
In 1986, Hunt's Ketchup became the official ketchup of both Disneyland & Walt Disney World.
Hunt's New Improved Ketchup w/Roy Clark commercial (1985)
This same commercial, this time was from 1985.
Hunt's New Improved Ketchup w/Roy Clark commercial (1984)
This commercial had country music legend Roy Clark about Hunt's New Improved commercial in 1984.
Quote O' Matic
  • Stan Laurel: We won't do nothing else but eat and sleep.
  • Oliver Hardy: And nobody is going to tell us where we are.
  • Lawyer: What are you doing here?!?
  • Oliver Hardy: What are we doing here?!? But this is our island!
  • Lawyer: Well, Your time is up. And you did not pay taxes to those supplies, Guys take them away. (We see Attorney's crew take all of Stan and Ollie's belongings away)
  • Oliver Hardy: Well, Here's another nice mess you've gotten me into!
  • Stan Laurel: (Whines) But I could not help it, You always picked on me! (He sobs loudly as the cuckoo song plays and the screen zooms out)
  • Robinson Crusoeland