Mork & Mindy on WCGV ID (1985)
Taken reruns from 1985.
Blue's Clues-A New Host (2002)
Rare 2002 bumper.
Pizza Crunchables plus Secret of the Ooze Ad (1991)
I wish I could've tried these.
Raid Unscented (1996)
Will Vinton Studios.
Tetris Blast (1996)
From Will Vinton Studios.
Milk - I'd Do Anything (1992)
This kid really loves milk.
WCGV Fox 24 Afternoon Movies Great Western Action (1988)
With Lonely Are the Brave from 1962, The Hired Hand from 1971 and Concrete Cowboys from 1979.
Power 106 in Sound of the Same But Not Anymore (1991)
Taken from 1991 LA radio station with '86-present.
Power 106 in Dancin' People (1992)
Taken from 1992 LA radio station with '86-present.
Junior Bonner Movie Promo on WCGV Fox 24 (1988)
Taken from 1972 Movie.
Bucks vs. Hawks on WCGV Fox 24 in High Over Net (1988)
Taken from 1988 NBA Bucks by Lite Beer.
All-Star Wrestling on WCGV in Main Event (1985)
Frank Stallone's Far from Over
Nestle Wonder Ball (2000)
2000 ad.
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