Fisher Favorites Mixed Nuts (1992)
"Or it's just Plain Nuts". from 1992.
Cutex Strong Nails (1988)
from 1988.
Paragon Cable of San Antonio (1991)
This ad came in a uprising jingle and slogan, "We're Coming Through For You". from 1991.
CBS Share The Spirit ident w/KHOU-TV Byline (1986)
This was CBS-TV's Share the Spirit video id w/KHOU-TV Houston byline during the 1986-1987 season.
ABC Ident w/WLS-TV Byline (1983)
This was ABC network video ident w/WLS-TV Chicago byline during the 1983-1984 season.
NJ Transit - Homeland Security (2011)
This video commercial from November 2011 was about New Jersey Transit's Homeland Security.
Extra Winterfresh Gum (1990)
Before it was branded alone as "Winterfresh". from 1990.
Got Milk? - Deserts (1996)
from 1996.
Coca-Cola Classic - Hilltop Reunion (1990)
20 years ago it was then... from 1990.
Dr. Scholl's (1994)
from 1994.
Mentos - Parachute (2001)
from 2001.
M&Ms - Hypnosis (2001)
Spot for the new M&M's Dulce de Leche-Caramel. from 2001.
Diet Coke - When It Pours, It Reigns (1989)
Commercial for the Boston/New England area. from 1989.
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