Bryan Cranston for T.G.I. Fridays (1991)
Before he was a Malcolm in the Middle and Breaking Bad fame. from 1991.
Lucille Roberts (1985)
from 1985.
ADAM Computer by Coleco (1983)
from 1983.
Coors Light - After Work (1987)
from 1987.
Burger King Whopper spot (1987)
from 1987.
Country Crock Spread (1991)
from 1991.
KITN Fox 29 ID (1990)
Now WFTC (MyNetworkTV) in the Twin Cities. from 1990.
WNET / NJN ID (1989)
NJN ident used at the start of NJN News broadcasts. from 1989.
WOIO Nineteen ID (1986)
A Malrite Communications Group station. from 1986.
WKYC News Topical (1987)
from 1987.
Woodsy Owl PSA (1989)
from 1989.
Sprite - Girlfriend (1996)
from 1996.
Meineke Discount Mufflers (1986)
from 1986.
Genesis Does... Sports (1991)
featuring Joe Montana Football. from 1991.
CBS Guiding Light Promo (1990)
from the Gimme the Buzz promo spot with Brad "Clarence" Sanders. from 1990.
Jhirmack (1984)
from 1984.
Arm & Hammer Baking Soda (1984)
from 1984.
Honey Comb Cereal (1987)
from 1987.
Quote O' Matic
  • Sgt. O'Malley: My son and I are going to visit my mother in New Mexico.
    Det. Nolan: That's funny. He does not look like your son, does he Quintero? In fact, I think I've seen his ugly face before.
    Max Quintero: He kinda looks like Mason Storm.
    Det. Nolan: Yeah.
  • Hard To Kill