Black Sheep Squadron on KHJ-TV in Dutch (1985)
Taken reruns from 1985.
Florida No-Fault Insurance Agency (1987)
Florida No-Fault says yes! from 1987
Uptown Farmington in Eight Finding Titles (1999)
Killer Tracks' Sunday Drive
Tom Holzer Ford in Wow (1999)
Killer Tracks' Step Aside
Sugar Beats by Razor & Tie (1998)
Taken from 1998.
Royal DuraSteel (1980)
Taken from 1980.
Perfect Omelet (2000)
Taken from 2000 with Mick Hastie.
My Real Baby by Tristar Products (2001)
Taken from 2001.
House of Dark Shadows/Day of the Dolphin on KHJ-TV (1981)
Taken both from 1970 and 1973 Movies.
Gamemaster 2001 by Virella (1998)
Taken from 1998.
Framery One in #1 (1999)
Killer Tracks' Steel Canyons
Bobby's World Promo in Mom Rap (1994)
Mama Martha was M&M before Eminem.
Divorce Court on KHJ-TV in No Money in the Account (1985)
Taken from 1985 with the late judge William B. Keene.
Daly Restaurants in Cruise On (1999)
Killer Tracks' Sock Hop
Quote O' Matic