Johnny Cash for United Way in People in Trouble (1972)
Taken from 1972 late singer, songwriter, guitarist, actor and author.
Eve Arden for Roast 'n Boast in Talk About (1972)
Taken from 1972 late film, stage, TV actress and comedian.
Anita Bryant for Florida Orange Juice w. Two Kids (1972)
Taken from 1972 singer and political activist.
Action Viewer by Walt Disney (1972)
Taken from 1972.
Tegrin in Barberman (1971)
Taken from 1971.
Sani-Flush in Now It's Easy (1970)
Taken from 1970.
Heet in Rubs Are Fine (1970)
Taken from 1970.
Dristan in Grandfather (1970)
Taken from 1970.
Burst with Hazel (1971)
Taken from 1971.
Aqua Velva in Tarzan & Jane (1971)
Taken from 1971.
Aero Wax in 2 Ones (1970)
Taken from 1970.
Yoplait - Little Tricks: Latest Boyfriend (2013)
General Hospital young actress Haley Pullos talks about little tricks in this Yoplait commercial.
Diet Coke - Now w/NutraSweet - Kelly LeBrock (1985)
This commercial that had actress Kelly LeBrock at the end.
WTPI 107.9 Lite Rock (2003)
This commercial had Leeza Gibbons talking about Indisnspolis's Lite Rock station: WTPI-FM 107.9.
WFSB Emergency Alert System Test - April 28, 2000 (2000)
This EAS test bumper came from April 28, 2000 for CBS affiliate station WFSB in Connecticut.
Beamer Videophone (1999)
This commercial had B&B actress Hunter Tylo telling about the Beamer Videophone.
DiFrense - Hunter Tylo (1990)
This commercial had then-new B&B actress Hunter Tylo washing off the clown face make up.
Hulu - Never Upgrade To 3-Ply (2018)
This commercial had comedian/actress Sarah Silverman talking about the 3-Ply never upgrade for Hulu.
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