A&E Promo for Biography (1999)
from 1999.
1995 Promo for The History Channel (1995)
From the first few years of the A&E spin-off network. from 1995.
Rare CBS Station ID Card (1993)
This rare ID was unusual, but later replaced with the original ID and music on all programs. from 1993.
Office Depot (1999)
features the Bachman-Turner Overdrive song "Taking Care of Business". from 1999.
21 Jump Street FOX ID (1988)
Dustin Nguyen and Holly Robinson welcomes to FOX. from 1988.
WNYW 5 Promo - Early Fringe 1986 Lineup (1986)
Features Three's Company, One Day at a Time, MASH and All in the Family. from 1986.
102 WPIX (1985)
from 1985.
Chicken Pox or Flu (1986)
PSA about children who have Chicken Pox or Flu. one of the best and the worst PSA's ever since there! from 1986.
Milk's Got More - America's Health Kick (1986)
from the American Dairy Association. from 1986.
Bryan Cranston for T.G.I. Fridays (1991)
Before he was a Malcolm in the Middle and Breaking Bad fame. from 1991.
Lucille Roberts (1985)
from 1985.
ADAM Computer by Coleco (1983)
from 1983.
Coors Light - After Work (1987)
from 1987.
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