Canwest Global System (1995)
from 1995.
WEWS Good Morning Cleveland and GMA Promo (2005)
Promo for Good Morning America's customized promo version of Good Morning Cleveland. from 2005.
McGruff Scruff Comic Book (full version) (1994)
This is the one-minute PSA that features Scruff McGruff, a dog-like kid from McGruff. from 1994.
Walt Disney Pictures - Roger Rabbit vairant (1988)
The Walt Disney Pictures logo used in Disney's Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
Sega Saturn - Saturn from Saturn (Japan launch) (1994)
Used to promote the Japanese launch of Sega Saturn. This time it's not in America until next year. from 1994.
Disney's Sing-Along Songs 1987 promo (1987)
This was only seen on "The Bare Necessities" VHS/Betamax.
TBS Superstation - "CLAPBOARD" Ident - Printer (1989)
One of the running gag ident shown on Tom and Jerry's Funhouse on TBS Superstation.
Chevron - National Geographic Sponsor (1989)
Seen at every National Geographic VHS and PBS' TV broadcasts.
Florida in Honey, Pinch Me (1996)
Taken from 1996.
KFC with $2.99 Combos (1994)
Killer Tracks' Hot Foot
Trotter Truck City Saves You Money (1993)
AirCraft Music Library's Closer Look
News 12 WC & HV - There's a Lot of News... (2017)
This video promo from late Spring 2017, was being aired on News 12 Westchester, and also aired on News 12 Hudson Valley.
Toonami - FLCL Promo (2013)
Uploaded to YouTube's CabooseJr.
PBS I'll Fly Away Promo (1993)
After NBC finished airing first-run episodes of the series. from 1993.
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