WOFL Fox 35 Wild About Woody Week! Promo (1993)
The Troggs' Wild Thing
WOFL Super Spy Saturday Promo 4/25/1987 (1987)
Harry Palmer with The Ipcress File from 1965, Funeral in Berlin from 1966 and Billion Dollar Brain from 1967.
WOFL Holiday Movie Specials Sunday Promo (1986)
With It Happened One Christmas from 1977, An American Christmas Carol from 1979 and It's a Wonderful Life from 1946.
WOFL Movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off now continue (1993)
Taken from 1986 Movie with Matthew Broderick.
WOFL For Kids' Sake (1987) (1987)
Taken from 1987.
The Long Hot Summer Movie Promo 5/24/1988 on WOFL (1988)
Taken from 1985 Movie with Don Johnson from Miami Vice and Nash Bridges.
Fox Coming 4/5/1987 on WOFL (1987)
Taken from 1987.
9 to 5 on WOFL in Difficult Cause (1987)
Taken from 1987.
Fox Experiencing Technical Difficulties (1990) (1990)
Taken from 1990-92 logo.
WBBM The 10 O'Clock News w. Linda About Journalism (1989)
Taken from 1989 with Linda MacLennan.
WOFL ID in You're Watching (1986) (1986)
Taken from 1986-92 logo.
Walgreens Photo Center with KCS in Save Up to 50% (1988)
Network Music's Front Porch Swing
Quote O' Matic