Paramount 75th Anniversary Logo (1987)
This logo with Harold Faltermeyer's Top Gun theme came from a 1987 Paramount promotional video.
Paramount Comedy Theater (1987)
This promo came from a 1987 Paramount promotional video.
PBS Kids - Caillou "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" (2001)
A Promo Of "Caillou" On PBS Kids.
PBS Kids Sprout - Caillou "New Season" Promo (2012)
A New Season Of "Caillou" That Aired On PBS Kids Sprout In 2012.
TeenNick The Art of Avoiding Kiss (2017)
This TeenNick promo about the Art of Avoiding Kiss.
TeenNick Which Dad is SO Your Dad? (2017)
This was TeenNick's Father's Day 2017 promo.
TeenNick Christmas Lineup Promo (2018)
This promo about a Christmas lineup for December 2018 on the digital cable network: TeenNick.
RNN - Regional News Network ident (1999)
This ident from 1999 came from the New York area's RNN: Regional News Network.
M&M's - Movie Theater (2003)
from 2003
M&M's - Blue Blue Blue (1995)
Higher quality possible from 1995.
Michael Jackson with the California Raisins (1987)
Full version from 1987.
Walt Disney Television Animation (Raw Toonage) (1992)
Featuring the NBC Peacock.
WTTV ID in 4 the Good Times (1984)
Taken from 1984.
Webster New! This Fall on WTTV (1988)
Taken reruns from 1988.
Tri-City World's Largest with Free! Sugar Bowl (2002)
Network Music's Gladiator
New! Canada $1 Coin (1988)
Taken from 1988.
Quote O' Matic