ABC SATAM: Disney's 101 Dalmatians + Recess (1997)
101 Dalmatians and early concept for Recess pilot episode segment.
ABC Saturday Morning (1996)
Featuring Disney's The Mighty Ducks The Series, Disney's Brand Spanking New Doug, Disney's Gargoyles, and more.
ABC ID (1992)
The announcer voice says "This is ABC" slogan.
Toys R Us (Rainbow Brite, Ertl, Uno Wild Tiles) (1984)
I found one with the watermark www.FuzzyMemories.TV, but not just
Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy Board Games (1994)
A commercial based on hit game shows hosted by Pat Sajack and Alex Trebek.
Bouncin' Kids Commerical (1989)
A brown haired girl can ride on a tricycle.
My Little Pony Twice as Fancy Ponies (1986)
Another version than it already uploaded.
Mighty Max Dino Lab Commercial with Free Cap (1994)
Does Polly Pocket wear a cap?
Windex in On a Day Like This (1972)
Taken from 1972.
Welchade with Mr. Potion (1972)
Taken from 1972.
Tupperware with the Famous Seal (1972)
Taken from 1972.
Trident in Skiing (1972)
Taken from 1972.
Total Cereal in Later (1972)
Taken from 1972.
Primatene in As Fast as 15 Seconds (1972)
Taken from 1972.
New! Glade Sunny Lemon (1972)
Taken from 1972.
Neo-Synephrine in Three Places (1972)
Taken from 1972.
Listerine in Congratulations (1972)
Taken from 1972.
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