Playskool: Teddy Ruxpin (1992)
Includes the first audio storybook called "The Airship".
The Simpsons in Bart vs. the Space Mutants for NES (1991)
includes 1991 Fox Video logo and Metro game stores disclaimer.
1995 WCPO ID - 9 Stands for News (1995)
Before it became an ABC affiliate. from 1995.
1997 KERA ID (1997)
Member-supported public television for North Texas. from 1997.
1995 KSTW ID (1995)
One of it's days before it becomes a short-lived CBS affiliate. from 1995.
Cartoon Network Checkerboard intro. (1992)
Original intro of Cartoon Network. (bassboosted voice) ALL OF YOUR FAV CARTOONS 24/7
ITV News at 10 (UK) ...w/Julie Etchingham Promo (2016)
This time, it was the Julie Etchingham version of the new UK's ITV News at 10 promo from late February 2016.
ITV News at 10 (UK) ...w/Tom Bradby Promo (2016)
This was the new (UK) ITV News at 10 with Tom Bradby promo from late February 2016.
KDFW Alice - Tuesday Promo for March 3 (1987)
This was KDFW-TV's Alice video promo for late Tuesday Afternoon, March 3, 1987
KDFW Channel 4 - Times-Mirror ident (1986)
This was KDFW-TV's video ident from late 1986, which was a CBS affiliate station that time.
KTZZ Sign-On First Day Launch (1985)
Taken from 1985 very first day independent station launch.
Odyseey Network bumpers (1999)
Now the Hallmark Channel. from 1999.
Nostalgia Television Feature Presentation (1993)
What is now being known as Youtoo America, but better. from 1993.
The Broadway 1988 Swimsuit Sale (1988)
Taken from 1988.
The Broadway 1986 Swimsuit Sale (1986)
Taken from 1986.
Hollywood Tropicana in Ready for a Close Encounter (1988)
Network Music's Street Festival
KDAF Fox 33 Movie Bump (1991)
from 1991.
1996 KERA ID (1996)
Your Passport to the World. from 1996.
Quote O' Matic
  • Helga: Twenty-four hours, fifteen minutes and thirteen seconds until you die!
  • Hey Arnold!