KCOP Saturday Film Festival Intro w Grit Adventure (1981)
Taken from 1978 True Grit: A Further Adventure Movie.
Jaws 2 Movie Promo on KPTV (1988)
Taken from 1978 Movie.
Izzy's Pizza with Chicago Style (1989)
Taken from 1989.
Happenin' Hair Barbie by Mattel (1999)
Taken from 1999.
Family Ties, Cheers and Night Court on KPTV Ha! (1988)
Taken triple reruns from 1988.
The Address is CBS.... Welcome Home (1997)
from the 1997-98 CBS fall campaign.
Explorers Movie Promo on KPTV (1988)
Taken from 1985 Movie.
WABC Late Night Movie Open (2008)
Movie opener from 2008 to the present day.
Dragonslayer Movie Promo on KPTV (1988)
Taken from 1981 Movie.
PBS Satellite Service Ident (1995)
You are watching PBS. Viewer-supported public television.
Dodger Special on KTTV in Salute to the Champions (1981)
Taken from 1981 MLB Dodgers.
Dance'n Flex Barbie by Mattel (2003)
Taken from 2003.
Conan the Barbarian Movie Promo on KPTV (1988)
Taken from 1982 Movie.
Cheers on KPTV in The Corporate Ladder (1988)
Taken reruns from 1988.
Charlie's Angels/Pete's Sake/Butch Cassidy on KTTV (1981)
Taken triple from 1981, 1974 and 1969 Movie.
Bruce Springsteen: Tunnel of Love at Fred Meyer (1987)
Taken from 1987 rock singer, songwriter and musician.
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