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Big Rooster (Australian Ad 1987) (1987)
Originally uploaded to YouTube by FLEMISHDOG
Australian McDonalds Gold 'n' Grill Commercial (1985)
An ad about a limited edition McDonalds burger that had pineapple in it.
Blockbuster Video (Dancing Baby) (1990)
And people liked this crap? There's also a brief ABC news sting at the end.
Big Rock Toyota (Australian Ad) (1985)
An ad for Big Rock Toyota
The Sweet Pickles Bus (1986)
This ad for an educational toy and game collection came from 1986.
Quote O' Matic
  • Bert: "ERNIE!!! Oh Ernie, That is no good. You cannot count fire engines. That is too loud. You will wake up the whole neighborhood. Now, I want to count something quiet to fall alsleep with, Okay. None of those sounds."
  • Ernie: "Okay, Bert. How about if I count balloons."
  • Bert: "Balloons?"
  • Ernie: "Yeah, Balloons. They are queit. They just sit there."
  • Sesame Street