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Cheerios Christmas-Grandma and Baby (1999)
Actress Peggy Maley stars as the grandma in this memorable and heartwarming holiday-themed commercial.
The John Wayne Collection On DVD (2005)
This ad promotes Paramount's John Wayne films.
Don Cheadle For Amnesty International (2005)
This PSA was featured on the DVD of "Hotel Rwanda".
Season 1 Of "MacGyver" On DVD (2004)
This ad promotes one of Paramount's later TV releases before they handed the reins to CBS.
Quote O' Matic
  • Doc Ock: Back off! You pea-brained, un-coordianated absurdly dressed excuse for a man!
    Scorpion: Who are you calling 'absoidly' dressed?!
  • Spider-Man: The Animated Series