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Fraggle Rock Video Promo (1990)
Promo for "Fraggle Rock" on VHS.
The John Wayne Collection On DVD (2005)
This ad promotes Paramount's John Wayne films.
Dunkin Donuts - It's Worth the Trip! (1970)
This was before Fred the Baker came along. The music in the ad reminds me of the kind you hear on Sesame Street.
Don Cheadle For Amnesty International (2005)
This PSA was featured on the DVD of "Hotel Rwanda".
Dolby Stereo-In The Ruins (2001)
The Dolby Stereo logo appears in an ancient building.
Season 1 Of "MacGyver" On DVD (2004)
This ad promotes one of Paramount's later TV releases before they handed the reins to CBS.
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  • John Grant: Me, me, me. The guy needs to learn a new pronoun.
    -John Grant
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