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Dom Deluise PSA (1980)
Found at the end of "All Dogs Go To Heaven" VHS Tape. RIP 1933-2009
A 1987 Toyota Tercel Ad (1980)
This 50s-themed ad spoofs the song "It's So Easy To Fall In Love".
A Huggies Ad With A Polaroid Tie-In (1980)
This ad says that you could get a Polaroid Spirit 600 camera with $9.99 and 36 Huggies Points. It sounds like Sammy Davis Jr. is performing "You Ought
Wausau Insurance Co. - Spelling Bee (1981)
"WAUSAU", a small town in Wisconsin, not "WARSAW", which is the capital of Poland. Originally posted to YouTube by 'gamelover1949'.
Burger King - Invasion of the ALF Puppets (1988)
This Burger King commercial shows ALF puppets invading the restaurant and promotes four different puppets, each coming with its own record
Quote O' Matic
  • Poison Ivy: His name is Bane.
  • Mr. Freeze: A laundry service that delivers, Wow!
  • Batman & Robin