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NWA At The Cincinati Gardens Promo 2 (1980)
Originally posted to YouTube by azdevilcat, this promo features Ivan and Nikita Koloff and Crusher Crushev (I probably spelled that wrong, but I'm not
A Windex Ad (1980)
"When Windex is on your side, the streak isn't!"
Acme Frequent Buyer Cheks (1980)
Perky, isn't she? There's also a brief newsflash for the CBS channel this Grammy ceremony was being broadcast on.
Zales Commercial 3 (1980)
A gift for the parents...
"World Cup Skiing" (1980)
This ad promotes the airing of a ski tournament on the station that aired the "Solid Gold" Christmas special I own.
Still Another Diet Coke Ad From Australia (1990)
At least I believe that's the country of origin for this commercial, originally posted to YouTube by haribokey.
Television Corporation of the Catholic University of Chile (1990) (1990)
Posted in YouTube by RodrigoPopTechno.
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