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"That Someone Is You" (1980)
This is one of those ready-made personalized items that were all the rage in the last century.
A California Art Auction (1980)
You've seen ads like this on occasion. This one comes from California, advertising a liquidation sale at 3 locations (The South Coast Plaza Hotel in C
Alex Karras For TV Guide (1980)
In this ad, originally posted to YouTube by peetoons, the athlete-actor talks about how to subscribe to the magazine.
"A Breed Apart" Video Trailer (1980)
This is the video trailer for this 1984 drama starring Rutger Hauer and Kathleen Turner.
A Xerox Ad From 1988 (1980)
To be specific, an ad revolving around the 1988 Winter Olympics. I'm not up on sports of any decade, so I don't know if the skater in this ad is an ac
Eagle Auto Insurance (1993) (1990)
The original commercial featuring Eagleman from the early 1990s; considered by many to be the worst (or best) commercial ever made.
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  • "These pills are dangerous!"
    "Yeah, so's geometry."
    - Slater and Jessie in Jessie's Song
  • Saved by the Bell
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