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The Houston Post "License To Win" Sweepstakes (1980)
Do these sweepstakes ever really work?
Energizer- Basketball Game (1980)
Yep the camera has Energizers in them. His son should be at least happy about that. Another early 80's Energizer commercial.
National Television of Chile (1996) (1990)
Posted in YouTube by TVRproducciones.
"Welcome Home" by 'Til Tuesday (1980)
This is a brief ad to promote the album's single "What About Love?".
Eagle Development Company (1980)
This was a company related to housing.
AllerAct (1980)
This was a product to help with allergies.
Kids' WB - Bugs 'N' Daffy - Making the Future Wackier For All Mankind (1990)
Another "Bugs 'N' Daffy" promo, this time a little later and more scientific oriented.
Ernest Borgnine For Postage Stamps (1970)
Take your excitement where you can get it...
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