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Prudential Ad 4 (1990)
It should be easy to explain...
Jimmy Bresllin For New York Newsday (1980)
In this ad, the famed New York personality speaks about Newsday columnist Murray Kempton.
Wild West Stores (1980)
This clothing ad with a lot of bounce was originally posted to YouTube by robatsea2009.
U.S. District Court Northern District of Alabama (1994) (1990)
Shown in a commercial break from The Bold and the Beautiful on WJW TV8 in Cleveland.
1989 Puffs Ad 1 (1980)
This ad says that this brand of tissue is "nicer to your nose".
A Preparation H Ad From 1993 (1990)
This ad makes mention of Preparation H cleansing tissues as well as the regular product.
An Ace Hardware Ad From 1988 (1980)
This ad with John Madden promotes fire safety products.
Tetra Fish Products (1980)
Fish food and things like that...
A Cascade Ad From 1988 (1980)
I believe that that's Haviland Morris in this ad.
Quote O' Matic
  • Ill Duce: And whosoever shed man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed, for in the image of God made He man.
    -Ill Duce
  • The Boondock Saints