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Pan Am's Euro Savers (1980)
Are they still the "Number One Airline To Europe", as proclaimed in this 1988 ad?
American Of Madison (1980)
This ad makes mention of their sale of a stereo system.
TWA's Ambassador Class (1980)
Walt Frazier doubles up in this ad...
The Who For Schlitz (1980)
This ad was posted a long while back, but here it is in better condition.
Glad Sheer Strength Liners (1980)
Both Tom Bosley and an exasperated husband's wife say that this type of bag "didn't break".
2 Milwaukee Ads (1990)
They were too short to separate, so back-to-back, we have an ad for Wisconsin's Largest Car Sale and a WTTI football promo set to Michael Jackson's "B
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