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ABC Promo-"Day One" and "20/20" (1990)
A double-downer...
Univision La Iglesia de Jesucristo in Cambiado No (1990)
Spanish version of The Church of Jesus Christ.
Nickelodeon - Sign On (1990)
It was from promo feed videotape demo reel. It starts at 6:00am to signing on Nickelodeon TV network
The Video Station (1980)
I wonder if this Nevada video store is still open.
Stereo Super Stores (1980)
A front load turntable?
ABC Variety Promos (1980)
This ad promotes the shows "Omni: The New Frontier", "That's Hollywood" and "Eye On L.A".
An 80s ABC "AM Los Angeles" Promo (1980)
There's also a "People's Court" promo as well.
Goya Beans (1984)
No way I'm eating this...
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