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Bob Hope For California Federal (1980)
This ad, making a joke about Hope's reticence with money, was originally posted to YouTube by MrClassicAds.
Jimmy Evans' Beach Bait And Tackle (1980)
This ad is unfortunately clipped at the end.
Kingsford Charcoal Ad 1 (1990)
This is a 90s ad.
Mutual Savings' Passbook (1980)
This ad came from 1988.
Still Another True Value Ad (1980)
This is another ad promoting assorted outdoors items.
Tucks Medicated Pads And Gold Star Chevy (1980)
I couldn't separate the ads, so here they are, back-to-back.
A 1-900 Ad (1990)
Sizzling Fantasies, Romantic Confessions and Private Dreams phone lines are promoted in this ad, originally posted to YouTube by MistyVids.
Quote O' Matic