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MTV I.D (On The Pavement) (1980)
Be careful, guys...
Cleveland Center for Joint Reconstruction (1994) (1990)
Shown in an intershow after Newscenter 8 at Noon and before The Young and the Restless on WJW TV8 in Cleveland.
Q104.3 (1994) (1990)
Here's another commercial for WAXQ (known as Q104.3) recorded on 1994. originally posted by wtcvidman.
Degree (1991) #2 (1990)
Here's another commercial for Degree from 1991. originally posted by wtvcidman.
A Ford Ranger From 1988 (1980)
This is another car ad from Milwaukee.
A Dawn Ad From The 80s (1980)
"Dawn takes grease out of your way".
Aquafresh Clear Top (1980)
1983 taken from my recording of Disney's Halloween Treat.
Majestic Jewelry and Loan (1994) (1990)
Shown in a commercial break from ABC World News Now on WEWS News Channel 5 in Cleveland.
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