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Purina Ad 4 (1980)
I accidentally marked the previos Purina ad as the second one. It was actually the 3rd one, so here's number 4, this time once again promoting their D
Panasonic Ad 3 (1990)
This ad promotes their Palmcorder.
Panasonic Ad 1 (1980)
This colorful ad promotes their CD technology.
MTV I.D (Olympics) (1980)
A sports-themed mixture of stock footage and music video clips...
"KERO-TV Focus" (1980)
KERO was a channel in California.
A Perry Protection Services Ad (1980)
This ad promotes their DualTech Security System.
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  • Stan and Kyle: Stan: Oh My God, they killed Kenny. Kyle: You Bastards!
    -Stan and Kyle
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