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A Benadryl Ad (1990)
For fighting the "Nighttime Cold War".
Star Soldier (Japan) (1980)
Here is the 15 second Japanese commercial is Star Soldier on Famicom. Enjoy!
P.C. Richard & Son's 69th Birthday sale (1970)
P.C. Richard & Son, the now Appliance, Electronics, and Computers Giant, celebrates it's 69th birthday. Richard's is now almost 100 years-old.
Rutger Hauer For Guiness (The University Of Life) (1990)
In this ad, originally posted to YouTube by imtypingonakeyboard, the actor switches schools to encourage drinking.
Pure & Simple Skin Care (1980)
This British ad, originally posted to YouTube by atariman1988, has some nice visual effects.
A Telecom Australia Ad (1980)
This ad, originally posted to YouTube by GrubcoTV, has some interesting dialogue.
Who Is Old Spice For? (1980)
This ad talks about who the scent is good for.
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