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Scotch Products At Roses (1980)
This was an electronics store in New Jersey, and this ad promotes their Scotch home products.
C&C Cola (1980)
Break the expensive cola habit! Courtesy of 'rrunner81sg' on YouTube.
A WTMJ News Promo And A Quick First Wisconsin Ad (1980)
I couldn't separate them, so here they are, back-to-back.
The February Movies On WPIX (1990)
This ad from the prime of the "New York's Movie Station" era was originally posted to YouTube by rarevideotrader.
Stove Top Stuffing in the Middle East (1980)
I don't know what part of the Middle East this ad took place. Maybe just a Middle-Eastern restaurant in the U.S. This has all the Americans crazy for
The All-New Let's Make a Deal/Anything For Money promo (1980)
Two new game shows for WCBS-TV's daytime lineup. Originally posted to YouTube by 'casanoc'.
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