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FDS Feminine Deodorant (1980)
How does that work anyway? I'm a guy...I wouldn't know.
American Express Ad 2 (1990)
This ad promotes their Gift Checks...I don't know if those really work, either.
A Control Ad From 1983 (1980)
A woman named Karen Onderdonk talks about how this weight loss medicine helped her.
IBM Ad 4 (1990)
This ad with an elegant Italian couple promotes their voice recognition software.
IBM Ad 2 (1990)
This ad with European nuns promotes their OS/2 Warp.
Patti LaBelle's "Winner In You" At K-Mart (1980)
This is another ad from their "Music Place" campaign.
John Waite For Sparkomatic (1980)
The singer performs "Missing You" in this ad for the car stereo system.
An Anacin Ad From 1980 (1980)
It's missing a few seconds at the beginning, unfortunately.
Quote O' Matic