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Los Alamitos Night Harness Racing (1980)
It's "The sport of emperors".
Sprint-Noisemakers (1980)
This ad came from when they were known as U.S Sprint.
1991 Park East Plastic Surgery Commercial (1990)
Originally uploaded by mycommercials on YouTube.
Pittsburgh Penguins 1986-1987 - Tickets Commercial (1980)
Pittsburgh Penguins Commercial Tickets 1986-1987 I believe that woman still goes to Pens games and wheres that same shirt? Can anyone confirm?
A Diet Coke Ad With Several Celebrities (1980)
Chuck Berry, Martin Mull and Andie MacDowell all appear in this ad, originally posted to YouTube by robatsea2009.
Quality Records' "Rock Eighty-Eight" (1980)
This ad, which is slightly clipped at the end, was originally posted to YouTube by SwozyGustafsson.
AT&T-Missing Dinner (1980)
And not how you might think...
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  • Iago: Hoo-boy...he's cracked, he's gone nuts. Hey, Jafar! JAFAR! GET A GRIP! Urp....good grip!
  • Aladdin