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Silver Spring Nissan Deals (1980)
This Wisconsin ad came from 1988.
1980 Anacin Arthritis Medicine Commercial (1980)
Originally uploaded by mycommercials on YouTube.
The All-New Let's Make a Deal/Anything For Money promo (1980)
Two new game shows for WCBS-TV's daytime lineup. Originally posted to YouTube by 'casanoc'.
Scotch Products At Roses (1980)
This was an electronics store in New Jersey, and this ad promotes their Scotch home products.
Phone Shop At The Gem Vault (1980)
This ad for a New Jersey store is unfortunately clipped at the end.
Citizen Pro Master (1990)
This is another ad for this brand of watch.
Penn & Teller For Diet Pepsi (1990)
This Canadian ad was originally posted to YouTube by rrgomes.
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  • Angelica: Do you swear to tell the ruth, the whole ruth, so help you Bob?
    Phil and Lil: (both looked confused with their hands raised in the air)
    Angelica: (whispering) Just say you do.
    Phil and Lil: You Do.
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