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ABC Promo-"Day One" and "20/20" (1990)
A double-downer...
"Time Out Theatre" On USA (1980)
This ad was for a series that showcased various sports featurettes.
The K-Mart Sports Center (1980)
"The one place that has it all..."
No. 7 No Rules Make-Up (1990)
I forget who originally posted this to YouTube, but it's colorful, isn't it?
An Extended Lazer Tag Ad (1980)
This one brings out the competitive edge a little more.
MTV ID -Dexy's Midnight Runners/Billy Joel (1980)
This classic 1983 MTV promo features Dexy's Midnight Runners and Billy Joel.
ABC Variety Promos (1980)
This ad promotes the shows "Omni: The New Frontier", "That's Hollywood" and "Eye On L.A".
Quote O' Matic
  • Homer: Losers! Losers! Kiss my big Springfield behind, Shelbyville!
  • The Simpsons