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An Aim Toothpaste Ad From 1977 (1970)
"Take AIM against cavities".
The Sears Retail Test Lab (1980)
I wish I could get paid for getting my frustration out...
Hilton Ad 1 (1980)
This ad takes place on 2 boats...
Purina Ad 4 (1980)
I accidentally marked the previos Purina ad as the second one. It was actually the 3rd one, so here's number 4, this time once again promoting their D
A Control Ad From 1983 (1980)
A woman named Karen Onderdonk talks about how this weight loss medicine helped her.
Curtis Mathes Electronics (1980)
Is this chain still open?
IBM Ad 1 (1990)
This ad with two European sheep-herders promotes the Pretentia 4000.
"The Tonight Show" Intermission 5 (1980)
This bumper features a drawing of a fireman.
"California Journal" (1980)
This was a magazine devoted to California politics.
The AT&T Personal Network (1990)
This ad about everyday life is set to an instrumental version of Madonna's "Ray Of Light".
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