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A Glamorous New Coke Ad (1980)
Did it really taste THAT bad?
TWA Ad 1 (1980)
This ad promotes their Anywhere Fare.
Zales Commercial 3 (1980)
A gift for the parents...
CBS Variety Promos 4 (1990)
This ad promotes episodes of "Jake And The Fatman", "Dallas" and "Sons And Daughters", as well as the 1991 Grammy Awards. I don't know if it went thro
Pepsi At The Beach (1980)
That's one way to get attention.
FBI Warning Batman (1998)
Taken From Scooby-Doo Greatest Mysteries
Quote O' Matic
  • angel dog/ charlie: welcome to being dead
    charlie: I don't wanna die huh you got the wrong guy i was double crossed by a dirty rat acutally the rat was a dog i just flew out of jail i just got back to town hey this is hard to explain but i don't wanna die!!
    -angel dog/ charlie
  • All Dogs Go to Heaven