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Fosters' And 7-Up Commercials (1980)
No, it's not a mixed drink. These two back-to-back commercials, originally posted to YouTube by NinaOPerez, are a Christmas-oriented spot with Paul Ho
2 More Perky Jean Ads With Jennifer Beals (1980)
Posted to YouTube by eltopopcult, these 2 Japanese cosmetics ads features Beals. The first one has her attired in a tuxedo and taking off her gloves,
Another Charlie Commercial (1980)
In this Charlie Perfume commercial, originally posted to YouTube by tboy24, a good-looking woman frolics in the midst of a very colorful party.
Quote O' Matic
  • Spanish lady: "Would you like to kiss me?"
    Dusty: "Yeah!"
    Spanish lady: "Well?"
    Dusty: "Oh, you meant now?"
  • Three Amigos!