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A 1987 Boogie Board Ad (1980)
I've seen people use these, but they were nowhere near as skilled as the people in this ad.
Another Lens Crafters Ad (1980)
"...In about an hour".
2 Milwaukee Ads (1980)
The both of them are related to their Summerfest, with the former promoting kids' safety and the latter mentioning how "Good Morning, America" would b
MLB '99 PS1 Trailer (1990)
Found on PS1 Interactive Demo Disc 7.
The All-New Let's Make a Deal/Anything For Money promo (1980)
Two new game shows for WCBS-TV's daytime lineup. Originally posted to YouTube by 'casanoc'.
7-Up (1980)
Quote O' Matic
  • Doc Emmet Brown: Things have certainly changed around *here*. I remember when this was all farmland as far the eye could see. Old man Peabody owned all of this. He had this crazy idea about breeding pine trees.
    -Doc Emmet Brown
  • Back to the Future