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A Candian Tire Ad (1980)
A man remembers how he got a bike from this store.
1982 St. Paul Federal Commercial (1980)
Originally uploaded as part of a MAGI/Synthvision demo reel by Vintage CG - Retro Phil
"Megan Wants A Millionaire" On VH1 (2012)
This ad promotes a short-lived "Rock Of Love" spin-off that ended in tragedy.
A Japanese Fuji Ad With Sting (1980)
Sting sings "The Lazarus Heart" in this ad, originally posted to YouTube by nv850hd2.
Lawnd Doctor And Coca-Cola (1980)
The first is a longer version of the ad from the Lawn Doctor and Carvel set, the latter is a shorter version of the Earth, Wind And Fire Coca-Cola com
Sprint-Glass Shattering Singer (1980)
I wonder who the singer was...
1991 Park East Plastic Surgery Commercial (1990)
Originally uploaded by mycommercials on YouTube.
Kodak Gold 400 Film (1991)
This ad was part of the long-running True Colors campaign.
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