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Antaeus By Chanel (1980)
"A reflection of strength and sensitivity"...
A 1989 Brut Ad (1980)
This ad was posted several years ago (possibly by me)...Here it is in better quality.
A Woolite Ad With Bill Blass (1980)
This ad was originally posted to YouTube by Burninschit.
Venture And Maybelline (1980)
The former promotes a jewelry sale, the latter features Lynda Carter promoting their Moisture Whip Lipstick, and both were impossible to separate with
A 1982 Old Spice Ad (1980)
Interesting Christmas present...
A 1982 Jontue Ad (1980)
This ad promotes a tie-in with the Color Dynasty III Make-Up Collection.
Warner Music Titles At Musicland (1980)
This ad promotes a sale of titles at low prices. It's clipped at the end.
Quote O' Matic
  • Candy: (Singing "Brand New Girl") "You're cute and fresh and wholesome, but science has a cure. The natural look is nowhere. Your hairdresser knows for sure. You gotta learn the art of teasing...Change your repetoire. All you need's a little faith and a see-through push-up bra!"
  • Earth Girls Are Easy