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2 WTMJ Promos (1980)
This video has back-to-back promos for "The People's Court" and "The Merv Show". It's followed by a bumper for "The Best Of SCTV".
Ground Water Water Beds (1980)
This ad came from 1988.
A 1980 Miller Ad (1980)
This ad with people working on a snowblower came from 1980.
A Clairol Ad With Linda Evans (1990)
This 1990 Ultress ad was originally posted to YouTube by GloopTrekker.
Tucks Medicated Pads And Gold Star Chevy (1980)
I couldn't separate the ads, so here they are, back-to-back.
Elect Don Hutchinson (1970)
Hutchinson was a Baltimore politician.
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